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A 79-year-old New York woman is crediting her Yorkshire Terrier, Labella, with saving her life. When Dottie Fisher was napping last week, Labella, a hearing-alert dog, jumped on her and incessantly nudged her. Although Labella will let Fisher know when a doorbell is ringing or calling on the phone, she's rarely so insistent. And true to her breed, she's usually more independent than clingy.

“Yorkies don’t like to be cuddled so I thought it was funny that she got up on my lap and kept poking me,” she said in a KHOU article. Then she noticed a pain shooting down her arm from her shoulder.

Labella then called a medical hotline, who advised her to go to a hospital. There, she was diagnosed with a blocked artery that may have turned into a heart attack. She was hospitalized and underwent a procedure to correct the problem, while Labella stayed with a friend.

In spite of the following media coverage, Fisher didn’t find her loyal dog’s intuitiveness to be all that unusual. “Dogs can sense when one’s owner is not well or when there’s a problem,” she says.

Another Yorkie owner likewise touted the intelligence of Yorkies, claiming that his saved him during a Bigfoot sighting in North Carolina last week. See it to believe it here.


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