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Soldier sitting on the ground with a chocolate Labrador retriever standing in his lap.
Expert Advice: Feature Dogs Helping Veterans: The Service Dogs Trained to Ease PTSD and More
Not so long ago, De'Angelo Wynn was taking 11 medications for the anxiety, PTSD, and other mental-health struggles he had faced since returning from military deployment in Afghanistan. Now, he's down to just two medications. What changed? The arrival of Jug, a Labrador Retriever who came into his life a little over a year ago. […] | May 16, 2019
Public Education Educator Resources War Dogs
Expert Advice: Did You Know? Saluting Military Working dogs at AKC’s Museum of the Dog
Call ‘em what you want — war dogs or military working dogs — they have been around for centuries worldwide. In this country, they did not become officially recognized until March 13, 1942 – although it had an unofficial canine war force in World War I – when a private organization, Dogs for Defense was […] | May 14, 2019
West Highland White Terrier in front of building with American flags
Expert Advice: Travel 15 Incredible US Dog Memorial Sites to Visit
The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog is pleased to announce that the official bronze statue of Sgt. Stubby — a distinguished World War I war dog — will be housed permanently at the AKC Museum of the Dog. The sculpture will be unveiled on May 23, 2019, at 10:30 a.m. The Museum will be […] | May 2, 2019
John and Lesley Brabyn’s Anatolian Shepherd, Tallulah, at 10 weeks old, gets acquainted with her future charges. While inherited instinct is the foundation of a successful guardian, early exposure to livestock is extremely important.
Expert Advice: Conformation Meet Tallulah: She’s a Young Show Star who Keeps Count of her Stock at Night
The Kennel Club of Beverly Hills Dog Show in Pomona, California will be televised Easter Sunday on NBC affiliates nationwide. Almost two years old, Tallulah is just as much at home in the high-octane show ring as patrolling her 400-acre ranch in Sonoma County, California, for coyotes, mountain lions, or bobcats. Whether it’s the glitz […] | April 15, 2019
Golden Retriever Scratching
Expert Advice: General Health Mange: What You Need to Know
If you follow news about dogs, you know what an extreme case of mange looks like. It's a common skin disease in dogs and puppies that are strays, neglected, or abused. These dogs appear to be beyond hope—hairless, with skin covered in sores or with thickened, hard, crusty patches. Such dogs are often described as […] | January 23, 2019
Expert Advice: Dog Breeding Participants Sought for AKC Pilot Detection Puppy Rearing Program
  The AKC Detection Dog Task Force has launched its Pilot Detection Puppy Rearing Program – an opportunity for breeders and owners to work closely with experts on raising dogs that will have the potential to be trained for explosives detection work. The United States has a serious shortage of qualified dogs to perform the […] | January 9, 2019
working group
Expert Advice: Lifestyle What Were Working Group Dogs Bred to Do? Get to Know These 30 Beauties
You may or may not know that each AKC registered breed (there are currently 192 of them) is assigned to one of seven groups: Herding, Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting, Sporting, Terrier, and Working. In honor of Work Like a Dog Day on Aug. 5, we're taking a closer look at the Working Group to see what these […] | August 4, 2018
nova gun dog championship winner 2017
Expert Advice: News Meet the Handler Behind the Winner of the 2017 Gun Dog Championship
Field trials are all about letting a dog do what comes naturally in a competitive setting. For the Pointing Breeds that means finding birds and showing off their courage, stamina, and keen desire to hunt.  Since 1993, the AKC Gun Dog Championship continues to be one of the largest and most prestigious pointing all breed field trial championship in […] | March 22, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle Can Dogs Sniff Out Stolen Treasure?
There seems to be no end to the things scent-detection dogs can be trained to find. A dog's nose is a powerful tool for discovery for everything from banned cell phones in prisons to deadly bacteria to bedbugs. Can that amazing sense of smell help to preserve an important part of humanity’s cultural heritage, as well? Areas in the Middle […] | March 8, 2018
Expert Advice: Lifestyle What Is a Diabetic Alert Dog?
Can dogs do the same job as advanced medical testing equipment? When it comes to blood glucose meters for diabetes, it appears they can. Thanks to our canine companions’ incredible sense of smell, diabetic alert dogs can function as blood sugar level detectors. Although dogs can’t provide exact measurements like a blood glucose meter, and are not meant to replace […] | March 1, 2018

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