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As a Chihuahua owner, you get used to the endless stream of “Awwww!”s and “He’s so cute!”s from strangers. But there are some things they could only know if they lived with, and loved, these adorable dogs.


1. Your Chihuahua didn’t get the memo telling him he’s a toy breed. The saying, “a big dog in a little package” is overused, but in this case, it's 100% true.


2. Your dog is basking beauty. Chihuahuas have an uncanny ability to find that one spot of sunlight in your house and in the yard.



3. There's nothing as adorable as your dog's big eyes gazing lovingly at you.



4. Every Chihuahua owner has accepted that their lap is the sole property of their dog.



5. Your dog is a great conversationalist. You'll hear from him both if something is amiss or something is exciting.



6. Your dog is like your shadow. He goes wherever you go and luckily enough, his size makes taking him with you simple. You do everything with your Chihuahua whether it's going to the park, taking a stroll, or just lounging on the couch.



7. Can't find your dog? Chihuahua owners know he's probably buried somewhere…under the covers, squeezed in the couch, curled up in a corner.



8. Your dog has a variety of jackets and sweaters. Chihuahuas are sensitive to the cold, so protection is a must. Your dog probably doesn't mind though, he loves to show his great sense of style.



9. And along the same lines, rain is never your friend. Not only does your Chihuahua look particularly sad when he's wet, but also he hates the rain. He will do anything to avoid going out in the rain.



10. The Chihuahua Club of America’s breed standard uses just one word to describe the breed’s expression: “saucy.” Any owner knows that this is definitely accurate.



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