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Aero, a Rottweiler service dog in training, participated in Camelback High School's graduation ceremony on Thursday. Aero has been working with a senior at the Phoenix school as part of his training with Lifeline Assistance Dogs.

Aero participated in graduation rehearsal and his owner, Riann, posted this on the dog's Facebook page: “Aero will be walking in Camelback High School's graduation, with a graduating senior who benefits greatly from Aero's presence. This year, the two of them have developed a beautiful relationship, and I can't be prouder of Aero.”

On Thursday, Riann posted a photo post-graduation of Aero and his fellow-graduate. Aero is sporting a graduation cap to match his service dog vest.

Aero shares more of his service activities on Facebook, where he's seen helping various special needs students at the high school.

With all of his hard work, it's no wonder he was able to participate in graduation. Congratulations, Aero!

Check out more pictures of Aero's service work below:


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