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Can you believe the AKC Puppy Pack puppies are about to turn ONE? If you don’t already know, the AKC Puppy Pack is a group of dogs we have followed on Instagram from birth through every first achievement in year one of life. What better way to celebrate than with a birthday party?

All seven dogs are celebrating their first birthdays by donating to their favorite charity. You can join them! By purchasing a “ticket” to each party, you can donate to the charities in their honor. Find out more about each celebration:

Smidge and Ryder + The AKC Canine Health Foundation

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In honor of Smidge and Ryder’s birthday, they are raising money for AKC Canine Health Foundation.

The AKC Canine Health Foundation is dedicated to advancing the health of all dogs and their owners. Their vision is to address the health needs of all dogs across their entire lifetime by focusing on all aspects of their physical, mental, and social well-being.

Donations to the Canine Health Foundation fund scientific research and support the dissemination of health information to prevent, treat, and cure canine disease!

Through the Canine Health Foundation, Smidge and Ryder hope all dogs can live longer, healthier lives.

Happy birthday, Smidge and Ryder! Donate by purchasing a ticket to their celebration.

Marzipan and Stryker + The Museum of the Dog

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In honor of Marzipan and Stryker’s birthday, they are raising money for the Museum of the Dog.

The Museum of the Dog preserves, interprets, and celebrates the role of dogs in society and educates the public about the human-canine bond through its collection of art and exhibits that inspire engagement with dogs. The museum is the place where people come to learn about and appreciate all things dog.

The museum’s extensive collections include fine art and artifacts, dynamic exhibits and activities, and occasional real-life interactions with dogs. Donations to the new museum in New York help to enrich the visitor experience.

Through the Museum of the Dog, Marzipan and Stryker hope more and more people can become educated about the importance and history of canines.

Happy birthday, Marzipan and Stryker! Donate by purchasing a ticket to their celebration.

Nymeria and Hazel + AKC Reunite

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In honor of Nymeria and Hazel’s birthday, they are raising money for AKC Reunite.

AKC Reunite is the nation’s largest non-profit pet recovery service. Committed to the same high level of customer service since its inception in 1995, AKC Reunite has provided more than 5 million pet owners with 24/7 pet recovery services resulting in more than 400,000 happy reunions between pets and the people who love them.

Donations to AKC Reunite support pets during disaster response by giving emergency pet shelters resources and grants. They also provide fully stocked trailers of non-perishable items to local Emergency Management organizations. Charitable gifts are also used to support matching grants that provide a K-9 search or rescue dog to police departments.

Through AKC Reunite, Nymeria and Hazel hope all dogs can stay safe and be reunited with the owners if they ever get lost!

Happy birthday, Nymeria and Hazel! Donate by purchasing a ticket to their celebration.

Gideon + The AKC Humane Fund

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In honor of Gideon’s birthday, he is raising money for the AKC Humane Fund.

The AKC Humane Fund promotes the joy and value of responsible pet ownership through education, outreach, and grant-making. Every day, the AKC Humane Fund works hard to give back to dogs on a broad and sustainable scale, but nobody can do it alone.

It takes a community of dog lovers working together to make a difference. Your donation to the Humane Fund supports breed rescue efforts, provides financial assistance to domestic abuse shelters that accept pets, and helps us grow one of the world’s largest libraries with reference and archival material devoted to dogs.

Through the AKC Humane Fund, Gideon hopes to help more and more people and dogs through outreach.

Happy birthday, Gideon! Donate by purchasing a ticket to his celebration.

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