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It’s that time of year for students, exam time and to recognize this stressful time a group of students at a college in England has put aside a puppy room for stressed out students in conjunction with a local charity for Guide Dogs. The University of Lancashire student union’s SOS (Stressed Out Students) campaign allows students who book a time and make a donation of one pound access to the puppies, who are accompanied by their handlers. Don’t worry the puppies have their own relaxation room for when they need a break.

Since these particular puppies are being trained as guide-dogs, the event provides an opportunity for the puppies to get used to being around people. As any guide dog trainer will tell you, is great for their development and training to be successful.

The puppy room initiative by this group students was inspired by a Japanese study proving people perform better in tests and exams if they first spend time with puppies or kittens. The power of kawaii, Japanese for cute, raised scores by as much as 44%. Interestingly, grown cats and dogs didn’t have such a positive effect.

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