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Even though they're just pups, Yogi and Henry are already employed members of society and they're ready to start their training.

These puppies are joining the Victim Services Unit of Prince George, British Columbia as therapy dogs.

Yogi and Henry will be trained to provide emotional support to victims of crime, CBC reports.

According to Krista Levar, victim services coordinator and dog trainer, the two dogs have unique personalities and will each bring something particular to the therapy dog team.

Yogi, a Pug, is “more outgoing and he will be used to help bring people out of their shell.”

Henry, on the other hand, is a little more reserved and will be a perfect fit for helping victims in the courtroom.

The two puppies are joining Max, a yellow Labrador Retriever who is already a member of the Victim Services team.

Max helped a nine-year-old give testimony in court last year.

With the success Max has already had in his role, we're sure Yogi and Henry are on their way to therapy dog greatness.

Thanks for all you do, pups!

Learn more about therapy dogs and the work they do here.

See an ACE award winning therapy dog in the video below.



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