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The Orlando Dog Training Club (ODTC) hosted a successful AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day event at the downtown Orlando public library last month. The club kicked off the seminar with an introduction to selecting a breeder and the right puppy to the more than 145 people in attendance. ODTC also spoke about AKC’s Canine Partners Program, letting attendees know that all dogs, including mixed breed dogs, can participate in AKC sports. Another member shared with people the option of rescues, with her rescue pup, and how to find the right organization. She also discussed the importance of vet care, picking up after your dog and socialization.

The club had a groomer discuss grooming and care of your dog, aptly demonstrating the proper technique. A member with a new puppy talked about the importance of crate and other training. There were demonstrations of basic, trick training, and the value of positive reinforcement.  Kids in attendance were taught about safety with dogs and allowed to come up and properly greet a dog.  It was a successful event that let people know about all the fun things they can do with their dogs, including agility, nose work, tracking and lure courses.