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responsible dog ownership
Expert Advice: Health What Does Responsible Dog Ownership Mean? — Veterinarian Edition
So, you think you want a dog? Before adding a canine companion to your family, you should give careful thought to what it means to be a responsible dog owner. I know I had to. When I was a little kid, my family was not animal-oriented, but I was obsessed with animals, especially dogs. I […] | September 7, 2018
responsible dog owner
Expert Advice: Lifestyle 75 Ways to Be a Responsible Dog Owner
Owning a dog is a joy, privilege, and responsibility. If you are considering bringing a canine companion into your life, think seriously about the commitment that being a responsible dog owner entails. The AKC is committed to protecting the health and well-being of all dogs. In honor of AKC's Responsible Dog Ownership Day, here are […] | September 7, 2018
Responsible Dog Ownership Day
Expert Advice: News AKC in the Classroom: Students Submit Stunning Artwork for Responsible Dog Ownership Day
AKC Public Education is pleased to host the 2018 AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Art Contest at the 16th annual AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day in Raleigh, N.C. on Sept. 8. This contest allows students (kindergarten through 12th grade) to celebrate their love of dogs and share their artistic talent with a large audience. Many participants […] | September 4, 2018
Expert Advice: Responsible Breeding What Does Responsible Dog Ownership Mean? — Breeder Edition
In the whelping box: A breeder’s responsibility begins. Photo by Thru Marzena’s Lens.   “People have forgotten this truth. But you mustn’t forget it,” the fox told the Little Prince. “You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.” That clever canid in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s famous novella was uniquely qualified to lecture on the stewardship […] | September 8, 2017
Expert Advice: Events Orlando Dog Training Club Holds Successful RDO Day Event
  The Orlando Dog Training Club (ODTC) hosted a successful AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day event at the downtown Orlando public library last month. The club kicked off the seminar with an introduction to selecting a breeder and the right puppy to the more than 145 people in attendance. ODTC also spoke about AKC’s Canine […] | October 26, 2016

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