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AKC Meet the Breeds has gone to the…cats?!

That’s right. Fabulous felines are back in New York City as part of AKC Meet the Breeds presented by Purina® Pro Plan®. The Westminster Kennel Club, in conjunction with The International Cat Association, will offer Meet the Breeds, a family-friendly event where you can meet dog breeds and cat breeds and learn about their history.

Check out five of the cat breeds you’ll meet on Saturday, Feb. 11 at Piers 92 and 94, and what we believe are their dog counterparts.


persian cat

The Persian is one of the oldest cat breeds and is known for its long flowing coat and “pansy-like” face. Persians are extremely intelligent and blend easily into most households. They are gentle cats that love your attention, but will not monopolize it. Persians, popular in the cat fancy since the late 1800s, were known for decorating the parlors in Queen Victoria’s day, and remain a favorite of cat owners today.

Dog Counterpart:



Like the Persian, the Pug has been around for centuries and is known for his presence in royal courts. Pugs are even-tempered and playful, with a loving disposition. The Pug, like the Persian, is a great companion and adapts well to different situations. The Pug also has a short, blunt, and square muzzle, with a deep wrinkle over the nose. The Pug is known as loving, charming, and mischievous.

Maine Coon

maine coon cat

Maine Coon is a breed developed in the United States to withstand the cold winters of New England. Maine Coons are recognized by the “shag” of their coat, long bushy tails, and little tufts on their ears. The Maine Coon is a fun, affectionate, and easygoing cat. These felines get along well with everyone, and while they are people-oriented, they’re not overly dependent. They are excellent family companions and are even known for playing fetch with their owners.

Dog Counterpart:



Like the Maine Coon, the Samoyed was bred to withstand harsh winter temperatures and is known for it’s characteristic white coat and long, heavily coated tail carried up over it’s back. The Sammy is known as gentle, adaptable, and friendly. He is a working dog that bonds with his owner; he is affectionate and will easily become a part of the family. Samoyed’s are known for their signature “Sammy smile.”

Russian Blue

russian blue cat

Russian Blues are known as the “Archangel cats.” They are elegant, intelligent, and an engaging companion. Once a Russian Blue decides you are worthy of his attention, you’ll have an extremely affectionate cat that is playful and loving. These cats will teach you how to play fetch, and they are constantly observing and learning new things. The Russian Blue is known for its bright blue coat, tipped with silver.

Dog Counterpart:



The most obvious similarity between the Russian Blue and the Weimaraner is their unique coloring. Like the Russian Blue, the Weimaraner is recognizable by his gray or silver-gray coat. The Weimaraner is friendly, fearless, and obedient. He is known as graceful with aristocratic features, just like the Archangel cats. Weimaraner’s are intelligent dogs that are also extremely affectionate with their families.


munchkin cat

The Munchkin is a high-energy cat with short legs built for speed and agility. Munchkins are very sociable and extremely playful. They are devoted to their owners and love the company of children and other pets. Munchkins are very curious, self-assured, and are always down for a chase. They may have little legs, but that only helps them twist, turn, and corner any toy they’re after.

Dog Counterpart:

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

pembroke welsh corgi

Just like the Munchkin cat, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is low-set, strong, and energetic. Pembrokes are known to be smart, alert, and affectionate. This breed is a great and loving family dog. With his herding background, the Pembroke is always ready to run around, just like the Munchkin. With their energy and intelligence, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are avid competitors in a variety of dog sports.


sphynx cat

You’ll know the Sphynx when you see him. The Sphynx is a bald, wrinkled cat with big ears and lemon-shaped eyes. He is one of a few hairless breeds, but he actually doesn’t entirely lack hair. The Sphynx has fine down covering his skin, and light hair on his nose and the back of his ears. These cats are inquisitive, intelligent, and very friendly. They are known as “lap cats,” and are extremely dedicated to their owners.

Dog Counterpart:

American Hairless Terrier

american hairless terrier

The American Hairless Terrier, like the Sphynx, is hairless. Also, like their cat counterpart, this breed is lively, friendly, and a superior companion dog. These dogs are always ready to play and are known for their alertness, energy, and curiosity. The American Hairless Terrier is one of three new breeds debuting at Westminster. Learn more about the AHT, the Pumi, and the Sloughi here.


Meet the Breeds presented by Purina® Pro Plan® will be held Saturday, Feb. 11 at Piers 92 and 92 in New York City. Learn more and buy your tickets here. Can’t wait to see you there!