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Incredible was on display at The Purina® Pro Plan® Incredible Dog Challenge® (IDC) National Finals at beautiful Purina Farms. Pro Plan would like to congratulate the 2021 champions and all the world-class canine (and human) athletes who came together to put their skills to the test.   

 Visit to see the winners find your local TV listings.   

Get a Sneak Peak of the Action

From lightning-fast agility course runs to gravity-defying dock dives, Incredible was on display at the 2021 IDC National Finals.

2021 Incredible Dog Challenge Events

Get to know each Purina® Pro Plan® IDC event so you can follow along on TV.

  • Agility +

    Speed, precision, and teamwork make for a successful run over, through, and around a variety of jumps, A-frames, tunnels, and other obstacles.

  • Diving Dog +

    Power and athletic ability rule the pool in this exciting event. Dogs sprint down a 40-foot stage before launching into a pool, aiming for record-breaking length as they hit the water. 

  • Fetch it! +

    Patience and athleticism help these dogs go the distance as they run off a 40-foot stage and try to catch or knock down a bumper that hangs 4 feet above the water.  

  • 30-Weave +

    Speed, dexterity, and focus are key in this head-to-head race that sends two dogs weaving through a 30-weave-pole course as fast as they can without missing a pole.  

  • Freestyle Flying Disc +

    Creativity, top-notch skills, and amazing teamwork capture the hearts of the audience and the attention of the judges in this high-flying, high-energy event. 

Fuel the Incredible in Your Dog

Find the perfect formula for your incredible pet with the myPLAN online tool. All you have to do is answer a few short questions about your pet. Then, we’ll match you up with the right Purina® Pro Plan® formula and create a customized feeding guide tailored to your pet’s unique needs and preferences.