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The search continues for Eric Frein, wanted for killing a Pennsylvania state trooper and critically wounding another on September 12. A self-described survivalist, Frein is thought to be hiding out in the Pocono Mountain area. Officers working 12-hour shifts have been combing the steep, rugged terrain for five weeks.

Joining the search this week are two K-9 teams from the Harrisburg Police Department: Officer Kelly English and Riggs, and Corporal Ty Meik and Zeke. Both dogs are Belgian Malinois.

Zeke came to the K-9 unit in 2011. The bright-eyed pup was a gift of the Harrisburg Kennel Club. He made headlines last year after sustaining a serious gunshot wound in the line of duty.

Corporal Meik and Zeke were called to assist a neighboring police department. Someone had been shot at and stabbed. The suspect traded fire with police before fleeing to an area near an elementary school and busy shopping area.

Zeke tracked the suspect to within 15 yards of his hiding spot. He bolted forward to make the arrest, and the suspect fired. With a bullet lodged in his neck, Zeke held the suspect until the threat was neutralized. Bleeding, and lapsing into shock, Zeke was air lifted by helicopter to a veterinary hospital and underwent a two-hour surgery.

For his valorous actions, Zeke won the AKC Humane Fund’s 2013 Award for Canine Excellence (ACE) in the K-9 category.

He’s fully recovered and continues as one of eastern Pennsylvania’s best detector dogs, responsible for the recovery of illegal guns, drugs, and drug money. And now Zeke and his handler set their sights on Pennsylvania’s most wanted fugitive. 

“Fresh bodies, fresh minds, fresh dogs,” Meik says. “I think in the end it will give them a little bit of comfort knowing that we’re coming in, we’re not exhausted, and we’re ready to put our boots on the ground.”

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