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With school back in session, days getting shorter, and temperatures getting cooler, this seems like a good time to take a fond look back at all the fun adventures dog-loving kids had this summer, with their pals front and center. To do that, the AKC Public Education Program held a “Dog Days of Summer” art contest.

The contest asked: How do you and your dog spend the warm summer months? Do you go for long walks, swim in the ocean, or hike in the mountains? In honor of summer’s end, draw a picture of you and your dog doing your favorite summer activity.

Winners received AKC swag, such as baseball caps, dog collars, treats, and toys, and a DVD of a dog-themed movie.

Here are the winning entries, in three different categories:

Grades 9 -12

AKC Dog Days of Summer Art contest EMMA
Winner: Emma, Grade 9


AKC Dog Days of Summer Art contest Tatum
Honorable Mention: Tatum, Grade 9


Grades 4-8

AKC Dog Days of Summer Art contest Micaela
Winner: Micaela, Grade 8


AKC Dog Days of Summer Art contest Amanda
Honorable Mention: Amanda, Grade 8


Grades K-3

AKC Dog Days of Summer kids art contest bobby
Winner: Bobby, Kindergarten (age 5)


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