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Pug Minion Costume Halloween

Halloween costumes for our four-legged family members get better and better with every passing year. While some owners may not want to dress their dogs up for Halloween, some choose to go all out. Whether you’re looking for something spooky, adorable, funny, or even dapper, there is a costume out there perfect for any dog. So, for a guaranteed hit at any Halloween party, here is a list of a few trendy dog costumes for your pup this season.

1. Food And Drink Themed – Food and drink themed costumes are simple and sweet, not to mention a new twist on old favorites from Halloweens past. Check out this Puppy Latte and Doggie Cupcake:

2. Super Hero – Because dogs can be the superheroes of the family most of the time, it’s only fitting to get them a costume to match! You can go with Batman, Superman, or if Marvel’s more your style, Thor or the Hulk.


3. Formal wear For the extra classy pup in your life, these formal-wear costumes are tasteful and charming.


4. Star Wars Characters – With the popularity of The Force Awakens and Rogue One coming out later this year, your pup will be in style as any Star Wars character.


5. Halloween Classics You can never leave out the classics! These costumes never go out of style and will look great on any four legged member of the family.


6. Cartoon Characters – With the popular animated movies and TV shows this year, cartoon costumes will definitely be a hit.


7. PokémonWith the instant virality of Pokémon Go this year, there are sure to be some dogs dressed as Pokémon this Halloween. And why not? Everyone loves a good throwback!



8. Disney Characters – Disney is always a great and trendy go-to. Finding Dory was finally released this year, so you’ll be sure to see some fishy looking dogs.



9. Harry Potter – This will certainly be a trend for Millennial dog owners, especially since Cursed Child hit shelves in July.



10. Animals – Why is it so cute to see dogs dressed up as other animals? We don’t know, but there sure are some adorable options!



Want more costume inspiration? Check out the best costumes for dogs and owners or if you want a good laugh, see our list of the funniest dog costumes. Feeling creative? Read our tips for DIY canine costumesIf you plan on celebrating Halloween with your dog, make sure to read our tips on how to keep your dog safe