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Choosing your boy dog’s name is important, as it’s a name you and your new puppy will be living with for a long time, so it deserves some thought. A good boy dog name can actually enhance your dog’s responsiveness and improve communication between you over a lifetime. We’ve compiled the top 100+ most popular boy dog names from American Kennel Club’s purebred registration and mixed-breed enrollment data for 2022 to help you get inspired.

Trending Male Dog Names

Just like baby boy names, boy dog names rise and fall in popularity. The number of dogs named after “Frozen” characters rose 900 percent the year after that movie came out, so it’s possible that for a while you probably met more than one “Olaf” at dog daycare.

Names from books and television shows are always popular. Top picks include:

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Food and drink are always favorite themes, too. You might meet a “Whiskey,” “Mochi,” or “Oreo” on your daily walks. And at least 20 percent of dogs have traditionally human names like “Max,” “Cooper,” or “Charlie,” which figure high in our list. Music icons sometimes influence dog names, too, with “Bowie,” “Ziggy,” “Ozzy,” and “Prince” all making an appearance.

Sports figures are a perennial favorite (the year Derek Jeter retired from the New York Yankees, “Jeter” was in the top 10 male dog names), so it’s not surprising to see “Brady” make the list. Outdoor activity-inspired names like “Ruger” or “Blaze” are another popular theme.

How to Choose the Right Male Dog Name

Dogs have an easier time hearing hard consonants and long vowels, so a name like “Lucky” or “Benny” will be easier for him to distinguish from other sounds. Most dog training experts recommend a one or two-syllable name that you can say quickly. It’s also commonly recommended that you avoid male dog names that sound like commands, for example, “Kit,” which sounds like “sit,” or “Bo,” which sounds like “no.”

Pick a name for your boy dog that you like to say (and that you won’t be embarrassed to yell across the park or put on a dog ID tag). You’ll be saying your boy puppy’s name a lot over time, as a quick attention grabber or just as part of their overall training and socialization.

Most Popular Boy Dog Names

Max Copper Auggie
Milo Dexter Bubba
Cooper Goose Cosmo
Charlie Gunner Eddie
Teddy Ozzy Flynn
Tucker Sam Frank
Buddy Cody Lucas
Bear Kobe Zuko
Rocky Shadow Bowie
Leo Ziggy Captain
Loki Atlas Champ
Jack Baxter Dash
Koda Prince Frankie
Murphy Gizmo Luke
Oliver Jackson Niko
Ollie Mac Quinn
Bentley Chance Sammy
Zeus Enzo Stanley
Finn Jake Titan
Jax Kai Blu
Winston Levi Bodhi
Bruno Riley Brady
Archie Walter Brody
Louie Bo Chip
Duke Lucky Clyde
Blue Rip Doc
Jasper Rocco Duncan
Moose Harley Dutch
Beau Kane Eli
Apollo Rusty Huck
Ace Boone Louis
Benny Buster Mack
Hank Coco Parker
Maverick River Samson
Ranger Roscoe Sarge
Gus Tyson Scooby
King Zeke Simon
Toby Chief Sparky
Oakley Ghost Sunny
Scout Marley Taz
Ruger Reggie Asher
Bailey Astro Bernie
Simba Boomer Brutus
Chase Elvis Buzz
Odin Kash Chester
Otis Lincoln Dozer
Remi Luca Hudson
Bandit Oreo Kevin
Cash Rex Kylo
Henry Sully Mochi
Remy Tank Nash
Diesel Wally Nico
Theo Axel Oscar
Thor Blaze Otto
Whiskey Finley Ozzie
Arlo Hunter Rio
Benji Maui Rudy
Bruce Obi Rufus
George Ryder Stitch
Wyatt Ted

If you’re looking for a less popular boy dog name, try our list of unique dog names. (We’ve got girl dog name suggestions, too.)

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