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Warm weather and barbecues seem to go hand-in-hand.  With summer right around the corner, you and your family may be getting ready to fire up the grill.  There is one member of the family, however, that you need to watch out for—the dog.  Your pooch can be invited to the barbecue, but there are important things you need to remember in order to keep her safe.  The AKC offers the following tips on safely including your canine family member in your summer barbecue fun.

  • Secure the yard.  If your dog is going to be outside with your guests, make sure to secure the area with a fence so your pup does not get out.  You may want to have a family member or friend stand by the gate when guests are coming and going to ensure your dog does not accidentally run away.

  • Barbecue food is for humans.  Remind your guests not to give your dog any people food.  Barbecued food, especially, can be greasy and upset her stomach.  Keep an eye on the food tables to make sure your dog does not grab anything.  More importantly, certain foods such as onion, avocado, grapes, and raisins can be toxic.

  • Safety first.  Keep your dog away from the grill while you are using it.  The open flame is very dangerous.  Your dog should be kept away even after you have finished with the grill, as it still stays hot for a while.

  • Sunscreen.  Dogs can get sunburned too!  If your barbecue is during the day, don’t forget to put sun block on your pup’s nose to prevent a burn.

Learn how to keep your dog safe during warm weather in the video below:


Does your dog attend your barbecues?  Share your experiences with everyone in the comments!
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