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Dogs. We love them, and we love pictures of them! Sometimes, though, a great photo isn’t JUST about the dog, but about the beauty of your surroundings. As we approach Labor Day and the inevitable change in weather, we understand that for many, the opportunity to spend time out of doors is winding down. Here we present some stunning photos, taken from our AKC Family Dog Photo Contest of dogs enjoying the wonders of nature.

Outdoor Dogs body 1

Outdoor dogs body 2

outdoor dogs body 3

outdoor dogs body 4

outdoor dogs body 5

outdoor dogs body 6

outdoor dogs body 7

outdoor dogs body 8

outdoor dogs body 9

outdoor dogs body 10

outdoor dogs body 11

outdoor dogs body 12


Do you have a dog who loves the Great Outdoors? Send us a picture!

To learn about how to make the most of your dog’s active nature, visit the Family Dog microsite.

And for info about how to keep your dog safe, you can visit our Health microsite for preventative health tips in any weather.

Now get out there while you can!
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