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Everyday with your dog is a great day. And we show our dogs we love them everyday when we feed them, play with them, even just take them outside for a walk. But on National Love Your Pet Day, you might want to find an extra special way to show your dog just how much you care.

1. Spend extra time with your dog

They’re not called our best friend for nothing. What dogs want more than anything is your attention. Make sure to make time to spend doing the things BFFs do, like playing games, practicing a new trick, or just hanging out together on the couch. The more time you spend together, the stronger your bond. Make an effort to do something special with your dog every week: a trip to the dog park or a doggie play-date. As long as you’re there and spending time with your dog, they’ll love it.

2. Look into dog training classes that will keep your dog’s mind and body active

A well-trained and tired dog is a happy dog. Take your dog to obedience classes and earn the Canine Good Citizen title. Or if you’re really looking for something unique to do together, try checking out a dog sport like agility, dock diving, or Fast CAT. These events will challenge your dog mentally and physically and add to your connection.

3. Make sure your dog is healthy and safe

This seems like an obvious one, but there lots of little things we can do to make sure our dogs are in tip-top shape. In addition to taking to them to the vet, feeding them well, and walking them, there are other things to keep in mind. Make sure your dog is groomed, for example. Different breeds have different grooming requirements, but making sure you have a schedule for your dog will keep their fur from getting unruly. You also should learn about why you should microchip your dog to help them get back to you if they ever get lost. Another thing to keep in mind is flea and tick prevention. Even if your dog isn’t trekking through the woods, you want to make sure they are protected. Take this opportunity to double check your dog’s health and vaccine schedule. It’s not the most fun thing, but you’ll both appreciate it, especially in the long run.

4. Buy your dog something special.

Don’t have time to plan anything in particular? Your dog is not going to complain if you surprise them with a some treats, a comfy new bed, or a new squeaky toy. Or you can splurge by getting them a whole new batch of the best dog products you can find.
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