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A website, called Dog Vision, can manipulate an image you upload to show you how a dog would perceive that same scene.

The major differences? Well, there are a lot.

They don’t see color the same way we do.

Humans see red, green, and blue because we have receptors in our eyes that are sensitive to these three colors individually. But in dogs, the cells that read green and red are the same, making these two colors less distinguishable. This theory goes against the previously held notion that dogs can’t see colors at all, which was found to be untrue by Russian scientists in 2013. Although they have a limited spectrum and can’t determine as well as humans how bright a color is, they can see some colors. See this chart below, by Dog Vision, to compare their spectrums and ours.

They have less visual acuity. 

In bright light, dogs see the world a bit blurry, but they do see better than we do in dim light. According to Northwest Animal Eye Specialists in Kirkland, Washington, dogs’ visual acuity is about 20/75 (but this can also vary by breed).

So the result is this—see the difference in brightness:

Human’s view:

Dog’s view:

And the difference in visual acuity:

Human’s view:

Dog’s view:

But don’t be too bummed for our less sharp-eyed canine companions. When it comes to movement, dogs have a leg up on humans, being able to spot fast-moving objects (or prey) easier than we can. Also, with the position of their eyes, dogs have a wider field of view. And, of course, the function of our human snozzes can’t come close to the way dogs explore the world through their noses. Check out this animated video, which shows how a dog’s nose works to paint images of what is around them.

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