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We've all been there: We're walking with our dog while cooing something really embarrassing (of course in a baby voice), like, “Aren't you the most handsome boy who ever lived? YES! YES, you ARE!”

We don't even realize we're talking out loud or how ridiculous we sound until we see our neighbors staring at us. Oops.

What can we say? We're just crazy dog people.

Take this quiz to find out what type of crazy dog person you are.

Count how many of these you say on a semi-regular basis, then scroll down to get your diagnosis.

1. “Leave it, leave it. NO! Drop It!”

2. “Such a handsome boy! Who’s my handsome boy?”

3. “Go to your bed!”

4. “Were you in the kitty litter?”

5. “Get back here!”

6. “Leave the cat alone.”

7. “Ok. Who farted?”

8. “Don’t give me that look.”

9. “Can I go to the bathroom alone please?!”

10. “Hey, that was my spot!”

11. “Gotta go potty?” (Add two points if you say this squealing.)

12. “What did you roll in?”

13. “Outside again? You just went!”

14. “Just. Poop. Already.”

15. “She never does this at home! I swear!”

16. “Stop sniffing his butt! Sorry…”

17. “Hmm, it's a good thing you're cute, buster.”

18. “Another treat? You just had one! Well, ok.”

19. “Someone needs a bath.”

20. “Who's my fluffy-wuffy, baby-waby?”

21. To older dogs: “Just one more step. You can do it.”

22. To puppies:”YEEOOUCCCCH!” (Puppy bites are the worst.)

23. “Don't grow up!”

24. “Where's your (ridiculous name of a dog toy here)? Huh? Where is it?!”

25. “You're my best friend.”


0 to 1: You're Suspiciously Normal: Are you sure you have a dog?

2 to 12: You're A Little Weird: You'll break out the baby talk from time to time and you've definitely got a doggie sweater or two packed away, but you're not totally obsessed with your dog YET. Don't worry—there's still time…

12 to 20: You're a Borderline Crazy Dog Person: You plan doggie playgroups and refer to your pets as “furbabies.” You might do some dog sports and throw the occassional birthday party for your pups. People may laugh, but they only WISH they were as loved as one your dogs.

21 to 26: You're Nuts: You are in the club! Look down–Are you wearing anything with your breed's picture on it? We knew it. You love your dogs more than most people, and you're OK with that. Maybe your dogs have their own rooms, maybe they get homecooked meals every night of the week, maybe they're on their way to being on America's Got Talent. You're proud of your pooches, and if they could talk, they'd be even prouder of their parents.
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