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Woman hugging a Border Collie outdoors in the summer.
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While owning a canine is fun and rewarding, it’s also hard work. A responsible dog owner does their best to make sure their four-legged friend is the happiest and healthiest at all times. Exercise, a healthy diet, regular grooming, and socialization are some of the most important aspects of owning a dog.

To celebrate responsible dog owners, Saturday, September 28 is Responsible Dog Ownership Day. A fun-filled event will be held at North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raliegh, NC from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. While celebrating your relationship with your companion, you can participate in a variety of activities such as presentations, raffles, and games.

This special event honors the importance of the human-canine bond, and attendees will even have the chance to try a mini agility course. Dog owners will be able to challenge themselves while learning the importance of responsible dog ownership.

If you can’t make it to North Carolina, there are many ways to celebrate at home. Consider working on your dog’s Canine Good Citizen test. Already passed? Try enrolling your dog in a new sport. It’s a great way to improve your dog’s physical and mental health as well as your bond.

As a dog owner, it’s important that your dog’s health and happiness are constantly considered. Things like up-to-date vaccinations are just as important as daily playtime or exercise to make sure your dog stays healthy. Put your knowledge to test by taking this quiz. Find out how you rank as a responsible dog owner.

Quiz: Are You a Responsible Dog Owner?

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