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Ah, it's the debate that never ends—dogs vs. cats. You probably already have a preference but take this quiz to see where you stand. You might be surprised. 


Which movie do you like the most?

A. Toy Story

B. Gone With the Wind

C. I’m not home enough to watch movies.


Friday night is best spent:

A. Out with a group of friends.

B. Reading a book.

C. Working late.


To your pet you are:

A. Best buddy.

B. Servant.

C. I've never thought about it.


Your theme song is:

A. Happy, by Pharrell Williams.

B. Is That All There Is?, by Peggy Lee.

C. I usually listen to sports radio.


You see someone from high school at the grocery store. You:

A. Run up and give him a big hug and congratulate him on the new baby you read about on Facebook.

B. Knock over a pyramid of toilet paper while making a sharp U-turn toward the cash register before he spots you.

C. See him run away from you—you think you might have beat him up once.


Your favorite actor is:

A. Tom Hanks.

B. Daniel Day-Lewis.

C. Every politician in office right now.


When looking for a mate, you prefer men or women who are:

A. Affectionate and attentive.

B. Confident and independent.

C. Long distance.


Your favorite food trend is:

A. Bacon on everything.

B. Creative sushi rolls.

C. I usually order something I can eat while driving or walking.


The best way to exercise is:

A. Anything outdoors—swimming in the ocean, hiking with a pal, running on a trail. Sweat is better with sunshine!

B. Yoga, Pilates, or barre—at home or a quiet studio where I can stretch in peace. 

C. Pump iron in a gym for four hours a night.


When completing a task, you tend to: 

A. Follow the procedure you've been given. Rules are there for a reason.

B. Ignore the rules and instead find the most efficient way. 

C. Do whatever is the most controversial.


Friends would describe you as:

A. Outgoing.

B. Smart.

C. What friends?




Mostly As

You are a dog person. Charming, friendly, sociable, and affectionate, you are always the life of the party. You’re the person who friends call when they need a laugh, a dinner buddy, or even just a big hug. You might get hurt easily because of your sensitivity and tendency to trust others willingly, but it’s that non-threatening sweetness that draws people toward you. That said, watch out if someone tries to mess with someone you love—you’d jump to their defense in a second. Your loyalty, jovial nature, and optimism are infectious and inspiring.


Mostly Bs 

You are a cat person. You’re intelligent, introspective, and self-reliant. Friends respect you for your wisdom and your ability to put their problems in perspective. When faced with a conflict, you consider all scenarios carefully before taking action. You may be a bit moody and sometimes choose to stay home alone with a glass of wine and a hot bath, but your friends recognize and accept that about you. You’re not quick to let people into your circle, but when you do, they’re there for life.


Mostly Cs 

You are a bird or reptile person (or a no-pet person). You are busy with your own life and don’t like a lot of responsibility (at least outside of the office) or commitment. You take each day at a time and say what you like without worrying about how others will perceive you. You don’t have many friends—you’re too busy traveling and managing business deals for relationships. Your free time—which you rarely get—is usually spent reading the Wall Street Journal, watching sports, or at the gym.
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