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Saturday marked Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the U.S. Originally conceived as a way to save resources and better utilize the sunlight of the increasingly shorter days, it was first adopted in 1918 by President Woodrow Wilson. Every year, we remind ourselves to “fall back” in autumn and “spring ahead” into Standard Time once winter is over.

Here we present some of our favorite submissions from our AKC Family Dog Photo Contest, showcasing dogs who love this time of year. Whether “helping” to rake leaves, running through the woods, or sneaking up to scare you on Halloween, these four-legged stars know how to enjoy the season.

Autumn Dog English Springer Spaniel

Autumn Dogs Beauceron

Autumn Dogs - running with stick

golden retriever halloween costume

Autumn Dogs Raking leaves

Autumn Dogs All American golden leaves

Autumn Dogs Australian Shepherd in leaves

Autumn Dogs All American Beauty shot

Autumn Dogs Australian Shepherd

For tips on what to do with your dog while it’s still warm, visit the Family Dog microsite for events and games.

Do you have a dog who loves autumn? Send us a picture—we’d love to see it.

And if you miss summer already, check out “Beating the Heat”, and “Once More Onto the Beach, Dear Friends!” featuring our favorite Dogs of Summer.

So get outside and have some fun! Your dog will love it.
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