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national selfie day
Adriana C. with her Dalmatian.
Konner R. with his Saint Bernard.
Jacqui C. with her Samoyed.
Cielo L. with her Golden Retriever.
Megan W. with her Weimaraner.
Mollie T. with her Basset Hound.
Courtney B. with her Australian Shepherd.
Jacqueline L. with her English Springer Spaniel.
Karen W. with her Golden Retriever.
Emily S. with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
Michelle F. with her Golden Retriever.
Leonor C. with her French Bulldogs.
Jessica F. with her English Toy Spaniel.
Irem B. with her Golden Retriever.
April H. with her Australian Shepherd.
Ana O. with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Erin H. with her Boxer.
Janelle B. with her Golden Retriever.
Carolina M. with her Bulldog.
Kristen K. with her English Cocker Spaniel.
Patti F. with her German Shepherd Dog.
Patricia J. with her Golden Retriever.
Jessica B. with her Newfoundland.
Kali P. with her Collie.
Lauren G. with her Golden Retriever.
Clare G. with her Coton de Tulear.
Kristen H. with her Golden Retriever.
Lora L. with her Field Spaniel.
Sheila R. with her Newfoundland.
Hannah H. with her Golden Retriever.
Sarah M. with her French Bulldog.

In honor of National Selfie Day on June 21, we asked AKC readers to submit selfies with their dogs — and boy, did they deliver!

Check out a handful of the pics we received in the slideshow above, and continue to send us your selfies. We love seeing happy dog owners and their canine companions. Looking for even more photos featuring ridiculously adorable pups? Follow the AKC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for your daily dog fix.
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