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Irish Wolfhound being hugged by a middle-aged woman outdoors.
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There’s never a wrong time to get a gift to celebrate your mom. Mother’s Day or not, it’s always a good idea to show her how much she means to you — if she’s a dog-loving mom, even better. We conferred with the product experts at AKC Shop to compile the very best dog-themed gifts for mothers. From microfleece robes for lounging to hand-printed jars, here are our top picks.

Best Wearable Dog-Inspired Gifts

Breed-Specific Plush Microfleece Robe

This soft microfleece robe will keep your mom warm and cozy all day long — plus, she’ll be able to show off her favorite breed. Wearing this machine-washable robe, which has two pockets and a fabric belt, she can lounge on the couch with her dog and still carry around the essentials (including dog treats, of course). This plush robe, embroidered in the USA, is available in three colors: Deep Smoke (shown above), Pink Raspberry, or Marshmallow. It comes in two sizes: Small/Medium and Large/X-Large. Your mom can choose from over 100 different breeds, ranging from the Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier. Price: $69.99.

Breed-Specific Earrings

dog mom gifts mothers day

Many moms would love to receive jewelry, especially if it celebrates their favorite breed. These earrings are handmade in the USA from recycled sterling silver, so not only are they adorable, but they’re eco-friendly, too. You can choose from different earring styles: French hooks or dangle posts, as well as numerous breeds and designs. Some earrings feature just the head of the dog, like these Pembroke Welsh Corgi earrings, or they can feature the dog’s entire body. If your mom isn’t an earring person, don’t worry — the AKC Shop has a broad selection of dog jewelry. Starting price for sterling silver earrings: $34.00.

Best Decorative Dog Gifts

Breed-Specific Wall Clock

French Bulldog Wall Clock

Help your mom pass the time with this dog clock. She can personalize the clock with her favorite breed and use it to decorate her office, kitchen, or living room. These hand-crafted wall clocks are made out of solid oak, and you can choose whether you’d prefer dark or light wood. Either way, the resulting product will be a stunning addition to any space in her home. Price: $124.99

Breed-Specific Slate Sign

dog mom gifts mothers day

With this gift, Mom won’t have to remind you to wipe your feet. Moms will love this slate sign, decorated with one of their favorite breeds. To make it even more fun, you can choose from one of five scenic backgrounds. Show the dog in the mountains, the beach, the lake, a field, or the yard. The leather strap attached makes it easy to hang this sign anywhere. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that these stone signs are heavy. Make sure you pick a sturdy place to hang them. Price: $49.99.

Best Custom Dog Gifts

Hand-Painted Stemless Wine Glass

Herding Group - Hand-Painted Stemless Wine Glass

Your mom will never drink wine the same way again — not after you get her this dog-themed gift. These hand-painted stemless glasses give your mom the ability to enjoy her favorite vintage while appreciating handpainted images of her breed of choice. And you can customize the glasses not only by breed but also by coat color (artists can paint any AKC-recognized breed and color). Price: $35.00

Hand-Painted Personalized Treat Jar

dog mom gifts mothers day

Why not wow your mom with this truly customized gift that she’ll treasure forever? Send in an image of your mom’s dog, and artists will hand-paint their portrait on this ceramic canister. Choose the number of dogs (1-2 or 3-5), specify the dogs’ names, and even add a personalized message. Your mom can use the jar to store dog treats or human snacks, or she can keep it as a decorative piece. Price: $295.00

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