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Many shelter dogs are lucky if they get a home. Mick, though, hit the jackpot. He went from being in a rescue to starring in a hit Disney series. As the title character of the sitcom Dog With a Blog, Mick can add his name to Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Miley Cyrus as one of the many celebrities whose careers were launched by Disney. The show follows Stan who is able to talk and writes a blog recounting his experiences with his human family.

Get an exclusive look at Mick and his climb from rags to riches in this behind-the-scenes video here:

WOOFipedia got the chance to chat with Mick’s owner Steve Solomon about the adorable star. He said:

“When we adopted him from a rescue in Apple Valley, California, he was very sick and had been abused, so we weren’t sure what his personality was like. But he had a character look, with one ear up and one down. After getting him healthy, we started to train him and teach him it was OK to trust someone. Soon we realized he had so much personality that he was meant to play the role of Stan. We spent only about two weeks getting him ready for his big role —he was a natural. He loves being with the cast at work and thinks it is just a big play day when everyone is together.”

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