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Paw Towel 0
Follow these easy steps to make your own DIY Paw Towel.
Paw Towel 1
First, gather the necessary materials.
-a piece of clean towel
-2-centimeter-wide grosgrain ribbon
-two small pieces of crafting felt in different colors
-a big sewing needle
-a regular-sized sewing needle
-a crochet thread
-a sewing thread
-a pair of scissors
-a medium-sized carabiner
Paw Towel 2
Measure the door knob of your door by wrapping the grosgrain ribbon around the widest part of it. Make sure to have a 3-to-5-centimeter allowance since this will be attached and sewn on the towel body.
Paw Towel 3
Cut the grosgrain ribbon based on the measurement of the door knob.
Paw Towel 4
Fold the clean towel into two equal parts. The size of the towel would depend on the size of your dog -- a bigger dogs needs a bigger towel.
Paw Towel 5
Fold the grosgrain ribbon into two equal parts. Insert the grosgrain ribbon horizontally on the insides of the folded towel. Make sure that there is at least 1-to-2-centimeter space on the upper side of the folded towel.
Paw Towel 6
Sandwich the grosgrain ribbon on the towel and make sure that a part of the ribbon’s end are projected outward with a measurement of least 1 centimeter.
Paw Towel 7
Start sewing the open sides of the towel. Use a small running stitch for this to ensure that the paw towel would be sturdy enough. Start on the upper third of the towel from the topmost part. You hand should fit on the lower two-thirds of the open side of the towel. The actual measurement of the opening would still depend on how big your hand is since this opening will be used to assist in inserting the paw of the dog properly inside the towel.
Paw Towel 8
Continue sewing this side upward and include the inserted grosgrain ribbon.
Paw Towel 9
Create a double loop when the topmost end is reached.
Paw Towel 10
Sew the bottom part of the paw towel using the small running stitch.
Paw Towel 11
Turn the paw towel inside out. Set aside for a while.
Paw Towel 12
Cut a dog paw design from one of the crafting felt pieces (here we used pink). This dog paw will be used as the accent or the patch of the paw towel. Make sure to have the main paw body and the four fingers of the paw.
Paw Towel 13
Sew the paw’s main body on the other felt square (here we used blue-green). Use a running stitch for this paw patch.
Paw Towel 14
Place the two finger paw mark on the topmost part of the main paw body and sew it using the same sewing method.
Paw Towel 15
Sew the two remaining finger paw mark on each of the sides.
Paw Towel 16
Single thread the big sewing needle with a crochet thread.
Paw Towel 17
Place the paw patch in the middle of the paw towel. Sew the patch on the towel using a blanket stitch.
Paw Towel 18
Insert the carabiner on the grosgrain ribbon loop on the side.
Paw Towel 19
Your paw towel is complete and is ready for use!
Paw Towel 20
With the carabiner, this paw towel can hang anywhere in your house for easy access. The towel can also be washed using warm water and detergent and can be hung dry.

Anyone who owns a dog knows that being outdoors makes them happy. However, for many dogs, it seems that mud puddles add to the excitement of being outside. Whether your dog is one of the mud lovers or if you just want a handy towel to dry off their wet paws after a run in the dewy grass, try making this functional paw towel with these easy steps.