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thankful for dog

In the spirit of the season, we asked the AKC Family Dog Facebook followers how they plan to show their dogs how thankful they are for sharing their lives and their love with us. Here are just a few suggestions:

“Titan and I are going to the beach with my dad’s dog so they can get wet, sandy, and tired. Then home to dads house for turkey and Seahawk football!” —Juli Morgenstern

“Mommy has already made peanut butter and pumpkin cookies! Yummy!” —William Grace

“It’s the same thankfulness and gratitude as every day.” —Sandee Collier

“I give thank for my dogs every day by loving them as much as they love me.” —Mona Brock

“Not feed them things they aren’t used to and avoid some holiday pancreatitis. A run at the park would be more in line with my dog’s needs and wants.” —Zanna Russell

“My Sheltie Pogo is getting an evening of pampering. First a bath then his favorite thing: he falls to sleep on his pillow when I blow him dry.” —Trudge Janel

“A puppy birthday cake because we celebrate her birthday on Thanksgiving. She’s a holiday puppy so instead of keeping just the date we kept the holiday. She is 2 this year! We also give her the lamb and safe turkey bones, potatoes, and gravy. Some broccoli because its her fav. One people cookie (she picks), and some popcorn as a snack, and mac ‘n’ cheese. She usually winds up on the floor licking her plate laying sideways. We kind of roll her fat butt to the bed and she snores it off like the rest of us. Cats do, too.” —Amber Boomhower

“As always do, and that’s simply thanking God I have him in my life!” —Kathy Carlin

How do you show your dogs you are thankful for them?

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