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dog blizzard

Storm's a comin'! Make sure you are prepared to care for your pet with these tips. 

Storm’s a comin’! Make sure you are prepared to care for your pet with these tips.

Stock Up
While picking up the bread, eggs, and milk, make sure you also get enough dog food and medication (if needed) to last a few days longer than you think you’ll need. Also, remember when picking up bottled water to get enough for your dog, too.

Limit Outdoor Time (and Eliminate Off-Leash Time)
Bathroom breaks should be quick, and make sure your pet is kept on a leash at all times. Sure, you can let him romp around the snow if that’s what he likes to do, but keep these sessions short—dogs can suffer from frostbite, too.

Watch Out for Antifreeze and De-Icing Salts
Antifreeze is incredibly dangerous to dogs—a very small amount can be lethal. Also, watch out for those de-icing salts, which can burn a dog’s paws. Pet-friendly varieties are available at most pet stores, but even if you use those, don’t assume your neighbors did. If your dog will wear them, boots are helpful for keeping those paws safe.

Dress for the Weather
Small, older, or short-haired dogs might benefit from a jacket or sweater to help them keep warm. And, as mentioned above, boots or paw protectors are recommended when going outdoors in the winter.

Update Your Pet’s IDs
Make sure your dog has a collar and tags with up-to-date contact information, and if your pet is microchipped, be sure that information is correct, too.

Plan Ahead
If you need to leave your home because of unsafe conditions or lack of electricity, do not, we repeat, DO NOT, leave your pet behind. Plan ahead before the storm to ensure you know of a place where you and your pets can go.

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