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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the dog-lover in your life? It’s tough buying for the guy who has it all, but don’t fret. We put together a gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for him. From t-shirts to whiskey sets, here are the best presents for men who love dogs.

Best Dog Clothing Gifts for Men
Best Dog Accessories for Men
Best Dog Home Goods for Men
Best Stocking Stuffers for Men

Best Dog Clothing Gifts for Men

Why should you gift regular clothes when you can give an outfit with a dog on it? These clothing items are all customizable with your loved one’s favorite breed.

Men’s Embroidered T-Shirts & Polos

Whether your male friend is going to a holiday party or just another day at work, these breed-specific embroidered shirts are great. Plus, every time he looks at his shirt, he’ll be reminded of his favorite dog and breed. Price: $39.99

Dog Denim Shirts

Why should your loved one sport a regular denim shirt when they can wear one with their favorite dog breed? These shirts are stylish, pre-shrunk, soft, and perfect for every wardrobe. Price: $53.99

Dog Fleece Vests

This cozy fleece vest will keep your partner warm during all the winter months. It comes in three colors — black, gray, and navy, and can be personalized with nearly every dog breed. Price: $69.99

Dog Fleece Jackets

What’s not to love about regular Eddie Bauer fleece jacket? Now this jacket is even better because it features a dog! This warm jacket is perfect for all winter and fall activities. Price: $84.99

Dog Robes

Treat your partner with this super plush, fun, and breed embroidered bathrobe! It’s cozy, machine washable, and perfect for snowy, winter months. This robe would be great to pair with a dog mug, so their lazy Sundays can be warm and full of their favorite dogs. Price: $64.99

Dog Inspired Graphic Apparel

Want to find something witty and punny? Check out these dog-inspired graphic t-shirts. There are even sport-specific tees featuring activities such as agility, herding, and some with therapy dogs. The shirts are available in different colors, and both t-shirts and long-sleeved. Price: $32

Best Dog Accessories for Men

If you don’t want to guess your friend’s size, look at these fun accessories! From hats to duffel bags, you can’t go wrong on these customizable essentials.

Dog Duffel Bags

Help your bestie travel in style with these sturdy, breed embroidered duffel bags! Offered in five colors and almost every breed, this bag is perfect for every dog-lover. Price: $49.99

Dog Embroidered Hats

Help the dog lover in your life show off their favorite breed! Whether they wear beanies or baseball caps, there is a hat for everyone and every breed. The baseball caps are available in a range of colors from turquoise to peach. Price $24.99

Best Dog Home Goods for Men

You can show off your love for dogs with more than just apparel and accessories. Spruce up your friend’s house with one of these dog home goods!

Dog Whiskey Box Set

Spice up your dog-lover friend’s liquor cabinet with a breed-specific whiskey box set. The chest is made of durable oak and has all the fixings for a great pour including two glasses, six whiskey stones, and two coasters. Price: $179.99

Dog Cardholders

When you’re a dog lover, you want to show off your love in every aspect of their life, including their office! These breed-specific, maple wood cardholders are subtle, professional, and a perfect addition to all offices. Price: $21.99

Dog Lovers Coffee Mugs

If you’re shopping for some who is a dog-lover and coffee-lover, a dog coffee mug is a perfect gift. You can get a breed-specific mug, so every morning they’re reminded of the dogs they love! This mug is unique and hand-painted. Price: $34

Best Dog Stocking Stuffers for Men

Are you looking for something small, but still thoughtful? Check out these gifts that are perfect for a dog-lovers stocking.

Needlepoint Dog Flask

Does your friend love having a drink and dogs? Then this needlepoint dog flask is the perfect gift. Offered in five different styles, this stainless steel flask is a fun way to carry a beverage while showing off dogs. Price: $63

Dog Corkscrew

If your dog-loving friend has everything, consider getting him a corkscrew. This stainless steel corkscrew comes in a bamboo box that features any breed! It’s perfect for a dog lover’s wine bar. Price: $29.99

Dog Phone Case and PopSocket

Help your dog-loving friend show off their breed pride and keep their phone safe with this phone case. The illustrations are detailed and fun. Also, the cases are available for both iPhones and Galaxy phones and offered in more than 190 breeds. Price: $32

Dog Gifts for Men FAQs

  • What is the best gift to get for men? +
    Almost everyone loves a gift that is personalized to their tastes and unique likes. Consider learning more about your partner or friend’s favorite colors, dog breeds, and lifestyle. Almost all of our gifts are personalizable. You’re sure to find a gift that fits your favorite guy’s lifestyle and his favorite dog breed.
  • What do you get a new dog owner? +
    New dog owners can definitely benefit from toys and supplies for their pup, but they need their own pampering as well. A great gift for a new dog owner is a personalized item such as a robe or a phone case with their new dog breed on it.
  • What do you buy a dog lover for Christmas? +
    If your dog-loving friend is anything like us, they probably already own almost EVERYTHING with their breed on it. The trick is finding unique gifts, like dog breed-themed candles or tea towels.
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