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The Border Collie is one of the most talented and hardworking dogs there is. They’ll impress you with their intelligence and win you over with their eagerness to please. Here are 10 fun facts about Border Collies:

They’re Extremely Smart Dogs

We cannot talk about the Border Collie without talking about their intelligence. Dog experts widely agree that the Border Collie is an intelligent workaholic. They’re capable of learning a remarkable number of words and commands, and are happiest when they’re put to work every day.

Their Name Comes From Their Home Region

The Border Collie was originally developed in Scotland and thrived in the region on the border of Scotland and England. The word “collie” is a Scotch word used to describe sheepdogs. Because this breed flourished in the border region, it was christened the “Border Collie.”

Border Collie with a stick in its mouth outdoors.
Bigandt_Photography/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

They’re Champion Herders

Border Collies were originally bred to herd sheep. They excel at the task because of their strength, stamina, intelligence, and work ethic. Border Collies are famous for using “the eye”— staring intensely at members of the flock to intimidate them. When the earliest recorded sheepdog trial took place at Bala, Wales, in 1873, the crowd was astonished that the Border Collies were able to herd sheep into a small pen, guided only by hand signals and whistles from their owners.

Queen Victoria Loved Them

Queen Victoria was a true dog lover who took a liking to many breeds. But, in the early 1860s, she became an active Border Collie enthusiast. At this time, the Border Collie began to separate and become distinguished from the modern Collie.

One Was Featured in Scottish Poetry

The famous Scottish poet Robert Burns (If you don’t know him, think: “The best laid schemes of mice and men…”) owned a Border Collie named “Luath” that he loved dearly. Luath’s tragic death inspired one of Burns’ best poems, “The Twa Dogs,” which captured the special bond between dog and man. Multiple statues of Robert Burns include Luath right by his side.

Border Collie herding sheep in a pasture.
Shaun Barr/Shutterstock

They’ve Broken All Kinds of Records

A Border Collie named “Chaser” was widely recognized as the world’s most intelligent dog. She knew the names of more than 1,000 objects. Another Border Collie, named “Jumpy,” holds a Guinness World Record for dog skateboarding: 100 meters in less than 20 seconds. “Striker,” a Border Collie from Quebéc City, set the canine record for rolling down a manual car window. In 2008, a Border Collie-mix named “Sweet Pea” set a record for dog balancing; she balanced a can on her head and walked 100 meters in only 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

They Make Great Actors

Border Collies have been cast in many films and TV shows. The film “Babe” about a little pig that defies the odds and becomes a sheepherder — features Border Collies, as actors and as herders. Border Collies have also been cast in the movies “Animal Farm” and “Snow Dogs,” and in the hit ’90s television series, “Mad About You.”

They Make Great Search and Rescue Dogs

In addition to herding, another common job for Border Collies is search and rescue. In 2016, A Border Collie named “Blitz” saved a 51-year-old woman’s life in England. The woman had been missing for more than a day when Jess Ellsmore, a volunteer search and rescue handler, brought her dog Blitz in to search the area. Blitz found the missing woman under some thick foliage, where she wouldn’t have been visible to human searchers alone.

Border Collie preforming a trick - jumping through a woman's arms forming a ring.
happyborder via Getty Images

Border Collies Can Be Official Goose Masters

Border Collies have all kinds of jobs, but one career you probably haven’t heard of is “goose master.” One Florida company trains Border Collies to keep geese off people’s property. The University of North Florida hired a Border Collie named “Bee” to be the goose master for their campus. Bee keeps geese away from high-traffic areas.

Lots of Celebrities Have Owned Border Collies

Queen Victoria and Robert Burns are not the only famous people to have owned Border Collies. James Dean, Anna Paquin, Bon Jovi, Ethan Hawke, James Franco, and Tiger Woods have all owned Border Collies.

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