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In an ideal world, you could spend all of your time with your dog, but unfortunately, that’s not the case for most people. Don’t fret, though, because you can always keep an eye on your canine companion to ensure the pup’s safety with a pet monitoring camera, whether you’re around the block or thousands of miles away.

Not only can pet cameras keep track of your dog’s activities to make certain that your pooch won’t get into trouble or disturb your neighbors, but they could also even save your dog’s life. That’s because they can instantly notify you if your dog is in distress so you can address any problems immediately.

How Dog Monitoring Cameras Work

Dog monitoring cameras provide you with a live view of your dog right from your phone. These cameras connect wirelessly to the internet and to an app so you can check on your dog at any time. In addition, advanced options like the Furbo Dog Camera offers a treat-tossing feature so you can reward your pup for being a very good canine.

Life-Saving Pet Camera Features

You’ll want to select a camera with advanced options that can alert you to your dog’s movements and let you know when your dog is in trouble. These important features may even be life-saving for your dog:

  • Full HD-quality video with a wide-angle lens to fully see what’s going on in crisp detail.
  • Real-time Smart Alerts so you know when your dog is active.
  • The ability to automatically record your dog’s movements in the cloud for later playback.
  • Night vision, so you can check on your dog even in the dark.
  • Two-way audio so you can hear and talk to your dog to calm the pup.
  • Alerts that let you know when your dog is barking or howling so you determine the cause.
  • Person Alerts so you know when someone is in your home with your dog.
  • Emergency alerts, including ones triggered by glass breaking or a fire or carbon monoxide alarm going off.

The Furbo Dog Camera includes all of these vital features and more, including:

  • Treat-tossing
  • Digital zoom
  • Automatic dog selfies
  • A one-minute video highlight reel of your dog’s day

These features help you ensure your pup is safe and sound during the day with advanced real-time alerts — don’t miss a thing when you’re out of the house.

Cameras Can Save Your Dog from an Emergency

“If a dog is getting into something when the owner is not home, a camera can provide information on what is happening and potentially save the dog’s life, especially if they are chewing or eating things they should not,” says veterinarian Dr. Sarah Wooten. She also notes that if the dog is barking while the owner is away, a camera can provide clues as to why, such as a fire or carbon monoxide alarm going off, an intruder, another dog outside, or other issues.

Products like the Furbo Dog Camera have saved over 2,800 dogs from potentially perilous situations. These include burglary attempts, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, glass injuries, furniture injuries, and other potentially serious situations which have all been #CaughtOnFurbo across social media.

Use Cameras to Monitor Your Dog’s Medical Condition

Besides emergency situations, a pet camera can save your dog’s life from an existing medical condition. That’s because supervision is imperative for dogs with chronic health conditions like diabetes, stomach issuesseizure disorders, asthma, and hip dysplasia.

“Monitoring cameras can alert you if your dog is in trouble, such as having difficulty breathing, becoming disoriented and lost, or experiencing digestive issues,” says Dr. Chyrle Bonk, a veterinarian with She also notes that monitoring cameras are useful for expectant mother dogs so that owners can watch for signs of labor.

Cameras can also help you keep track of older dogs with dementia who need regular supervision. For instance, when Robert Bradley of noticed that his elderly dog wasn’t moving and was panting in distress through his dog monitoring camera, he raced home to find that his dog had become wedged under the footboard of his bed. He was able to quickly rescue the pup who otherwise would have become seriously injured.

Peek in to Prevent Injuries While Away

Dogs and young puppies can get into a lot of trouble while on their own, especially if they suffer from conditions like separation anxiety. While some dogs may simply chew on your favorite shoes, others may topple over tables or televisions while you’re away. Fortunately, with a dog monitoring camera, you’ll be alerted right away of your dog’s movements so you can quickly calm your dog with the sound of your voice.

“A camera can be helpful in determining how long it takes an anxious dog to start destructive behaviors, which is important for desensitization and counterconditioning separation anxiety,” says Dr. Wooten. “A camera can also give the owner information about whether or not their intervention strategies to help a dog with separation anxiety are working.”

Best of all, you can reward your dog for good behavior using the Furbo Dog Camera’s treat-tossing feature. And you can set the Furbo camera to automatically dispense treats on a schedule, keeping dogs focused on the treats to come and reducing their anxiety when you’re not there.

Determine What’s Bothering Your Dog with a Camera

Suspect that something is bothering your dog? You can’t exactly ask your pup what’s up, but you can monitor the pup’s interactions with other dogs in the home and even with dog sitters or dog walkers using a pet camera.

“If there are problems with inter-dog aggression when the owner is not present, or if one of the dogs is doing something they shouldn’t when the owner is away, a camera will tell on the culprit and allow the owner to intervene appropriately,” says Dr. Wooten.

The events you see on your pet camera are not only helpful in resolving issues between pets, but if another dog or person injures your dog while you’re away, you can get to a veterinarian right away. That’s why features like the cloud recording service offered by the Furbo Dog Camera are a must.

Although you can’t be with your canine companion all day, every day, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dog monitoring camera is looking out for your dog when you’re not there. And that camera just might save your dog’s life.

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