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As winter continues, it’s important to remember that our canine companions also need protection from harsh weather. Short-haired dogs and breeds that are susceptible to the cold may need a jacket or sweater outdoors. And no matter how hardy your dog is, his paws should be protected from snow, ice, salt, and deicers. Icy particles and snow can collect between his toes, and most road salts and deicers are toxic to dogs. Consider keeping his feet warm—and safe—with winter dog boots.

How to Choose the Right Dog Boots

• The material of the sole should be textured, with a good grip for traction.
• Choose boots made from waterproof or water-resistant material.
• The sole should be flexible so your dog can walk naturally.
• Choose a boot with adjustable Velcro straps.
• Most dogs don’t like the feel of shoes or boots. Prepare him by trying them on him in the house for short periods of time and praising him as he gets used to wearing them.
• Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for size, and measure before you order.

The boots below include different styles and features to help you choose the right winter boots for your dog.

Waterproof Dog Shoes


These sturdy dog shoes are skid resistant and flexible, with a protective toe cap and reflective Velcro straps.

My Busy Dog Winter Boots

This waterproof boot, with an anti-slip sole, comes in several colors and eight sizes.

Non-Slip, Waterproof Dog Boot Socks

Over-the-knee boot socks are a fashion trend for people, and now your dog can wear them too. The rubber sole protects their paws and the sock top can be worn up or folded over.

Moolecole Breathable Mesh Dog Boots

Your dog will love these adjustable and breathable mesh boots. The rugged anti-slip sole adds traction.

Waterproof Silicone Dog Boots

Perfect for those who prefer rubber boots, these colorful boots have flexible anti-slip soles.

Breathable Soft Sole Dog Boots

These are versatile all-season paw protectors, with breathable mesh uppers and non-slip, flexible soles.

Waterproof, Wear-Resistant Boots for Winter

With a molded rubber bottom and water-resistant material, your dog’s feet will be warm and dry.

Muttluks Fleece-Lined Dog Boots

Like Muk Luks for your dog! These boots have fleece lining, leather soles, and a fold-over sock top for extra warmth.

DOG Australia Warm Winter Dog Boots

These colorful boots have faux-fur lining and rugged anti-slip sole. The wide opening makes it easy to get them on your dog.

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