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Bulldogs. The wrinkly, adorable breed has been gaining popularity over the past few years, reaching fourth place in our most popular dog breeds in 2014. This intelligent, dignified dog is known for it’s gentle nature and unflappable demeanor. Originally bred in England for bullbaiting, the breed faced extinction when that cruel sport was outlawed in England in the 1830s. Fortunately, some dedicated dog fanciers kept the Bulldog going, breeding out the aggressive qualities and leaving the even-tempered, stubborn, funny dog we know and love. So we ask: Is there anything cuter than a Bulldog? How about a Bulldog PUPPY? Here we present some of our favorite adorable submissions from our AKC Family Dog Photo Contest of these crumpled pups being, well, adorable.

Bulldog Pup 1

Bulldog Pup 3

Bulldog Pup 4

Bulldog Pup 5

Bulldog pup 7

Do you have a Bulldog? Send us a picture!

And if you have a new puppy, go to the Family Dog microsite for tips on training, nutrition, and vaccinations.

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