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Chow chow outdoors

AKC Gazette breed column—Our columnist for Chow Chows describes some of the ways that this smart and devoted breed makes a wonderful companion.

There are many reasons for owning a Chow Chow. They are clean, quiet, beautiful, and intelligent. They are dedicated to their family and protective of each family member and the family’s belongings.

Owning a Chow and enjoying a Chow should be one and the same. Include him in your daily activities. Let him be a house dog, included in the activities of the day and the relaxation of the evening. They love car trips and are good travelers. We recommend that you take care to secure your dog in a crate or safe section of the vehicle to protect him if you should come to a sudden stop or have an accident. Always have a supply of water with you when you travel.

When you go to the drive-through bank or dry cleaners, let your Chow ride along. He will enjoy this and return your effort in many ways. (Never leave any dog in a locked car for even a short period during warm days.)

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We have known many owners who acquired a Chow before they started their family, and the children, when they arrived, learned to walk by holding onto the Chow’s fur. The dog became their devoted companion and protector, recognizing the child as an extension of the people he loved and quickly adopting the new family member. If he is included in the family’s daily activities, you will quickly see that the Chow has a sense of humor and is amazingly intelligent.

The Chow loves routine and structure in his life, yet he is always eager to please you. He will wake you in the morning (even on days when you wanted to sleep a bit later) and let you know when mealtime is approaching. He quickly learns the sound of each of the family vehicles and will alert you when a strange vehicle approaches the yard, or when a stranger approaches your door. He will not bark needlessly, and you will find that it is prudent to investigate a situation that causes him to bark.

In the evening, as you watch television or relax, sit on the floor and brush your Chow’s coat. He will enjoy the attention, and his coat will glow from the grooming. Chow Chows do not shed hairs, but they do lose old coat as you groom. The coat will come out in soft balls of fur that can be saved, woven into yarn, and then made into a soft, warm article of clothing for you to treasure. These are just a few of the ways that you can let your Chow Chow know that he is truly a member of your family. I am certain that you will find many additional activities in which to include your Chow. There is nothing as invigorating and fun as a walk with the family on a crisp winter afternoon. Take your Chow along—he already has his coat on and is ready to go!

Love Banghart,

Further information about Chow Chows can be found here and here.
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