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Love dogs? Love stocking up on back-to-school essentials? Then this is the shopping list for you. From lunch bags and backpacks to pens and pencils, here are some of our favorite supplies perfect for letting your — or your child’s — pet-loving personality shine.

1. “Best in Show” Pencils for Dog-Lovers

U.S. Toy Dog Pencils

For when your furry friend can’t be by your side at school, you’ll be in good company with these dog pencils. Verified reviewers offer nothing but praise (and five-star ratings) for this pack of 12 pencils. Price: $5

2. “Best in Show” Pencil Case for Dog-Lovers

Dragon Sword Dog Pencil Case

Dogs like to stay in a pack, and now students’ pencils and pens can stick together too, in a cute dog-print case. Verified purchasers have all good things to say about this five-star-reviewed product. If you’re wondering how much the holder can store, some reviewers say it can hold 30 pencils or more, but bulkier items, like a graphic calculator, won’t fit. Price: $11

3. “Best in Show” Backpack for Dog-Lovers

InterestPrint Dog Print Backpack

For a waterproof backpack sized to fit everything needed for the school year — books, a laptop, and lunch — opt for one of InterestPrint’s variety of dog-themed designs, Designs include paw prints, paw prints and bones, blown-up portraits of selected breeds (including Pomeranians, Pugs, Labs, Basset Hounds, and more), or a group of many popular dog breeds shown here for this year’s signature look. Price: $44

4. “Best in Show” Notebooks for Dog-Lovers

Pet Journals

You’re no ordinary dog lover, so why does your lined notebook need to look ordinary? Carry a reminder of your favorite breed wherever you go throughout your school day — including Boston Terriers, Corgis, French Bulldogs, Basenjis, Beagles, and more. Price: $7-10

5. “Best in Show” Binder for Dog-Lovers

Milly Green Debonair Dogs Ring Binder

Though they may want to, no one else at school could possibly mistake this three-ring binder for theirs. Unless they share your same taste in vintage doggy design, that is. Price: $12

6. “Best in Show” Erasers for Dog-Lovers

Fun Express Wiener Dog Erasers

Famous for their “long, low silhouette,” Dachshunds, the beloved hound breed, come in two sizes with three coat types. Within this 24-pack of “Wiener Dog” erasers, these Dachshunds come in non-standard — but fun — bright, neon colors. Price: $10

7. “Best in Show” Gel Pens for Dog-Lovers

HIPGCC Dog Gel Pens

When a dog wags its tail, we as humans can learn a lot about how they’re feeling. With this 12-pack of dog-adorned gel pens, with a click of the dog’s tail, you can get to writing about your own feelings — or taking notes in class, as the case may be.

Some verified purchasers were disappointed with the quality and durability of these pens, but most reviewers give them either a five- or four-star rating for the cuteness factor and for the smoothness of the writing they help produce. Price: $12

8. “Best in Show” Lunch Bag for Dog-Lovers

ALAZA Dog and Puppy Lunch Tote

This one’s for the puppy-lovers among all the dog-lovers, you know who you are. Find some of the top breeds in pint-size format to keep watch over you or your child during lunchtime.

For those who like to pack a big meal, size may be a factor to consider here. While most verified purchasers have given this a five- or four-star rating, one one-star rater said the lunch bag isn’t big enough for a middle schooler’s lunch. Price: $17

#9: “Best of Breed” Pens for Dog-Lovers

Babalu Cute Dog Pens

If the “Best in Show” gel pens aren’t enough to satisfy your dog-loving pen needs, consider this Dachshund- and Dalmatian-inspired pens for your writing needs. Price: $10

1o. “Best in Show” Water Bottle for Dog-Lovers

Lunarable Dog Lover Aluminum Water Bottle

Just as hydration is important for puppies and dogs, students on the go need to get plenty of water, too. Research indicates U.S. children and teens aren’t getting enough, according to findings reported by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and NPR. All the more reason to stock up on a handy, dog-adorned water bottle to have on hand throughout the school day. Price: $17

The AKC independently selected each product featured in this article. If you purchase a product through this article, we may receive a portion of the sale. While we do our best to update links often, please note that prices and deals are subject to change.
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