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Renfro, Atheena, Luna, and Bolo Jr., puppy GSD’s are going to be ‘mates’ for life!

Halloween this year may look a little different, but that doesn’t have to mean any less fun! It’s the perfect time to show off your dog’s adorable looks, and many dog owners choose to dress their dog up for the holiday. Before dressing up your dog in any Halloween costume, keep these dog costume guidelines in mind to ensure a fun and safe night for both you and your pet. Many dogs enjoy wearing costumes, but others don’t so always be sure your pup is comfortable.

This October, we asked our readers to submit photos of their pups dressed in creative Halloween costumes. Thanks to your submissions, we have chosen 25 dogs to say Happy Halloween!

Ari the 8-year-old Borzoi was made for this holiday (and mask)!
Macchiato, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is all wired up for Halloween!
Loki, the All American Dog, says “It’s showtime!”
This pack of Collies only had a minute to pose for a picture as they were late for their quidditch game.
Karma, the Cocker Spaniel, is clearly the queen bee.
Brinkley, the Golden Retriever, enjoys martinis shaken, not stirred.
Nothing gets past Giovanni, the Labrador Retriever.
Gabby, the Poodle, is available for lawns of all sizes.
Dixie, the Dachshund, knows that 6 legs are better than 4!
Dex, the Labrador Retriever, knows that dogs are the perfect friend.
Chollie and Elf, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and an All American Dog, are the perfect backyard treats.
Chico XIV, the West Highland Terrier, makes sure to give out human biscuits to all his favorite package recipients.
Charsada Blood of My Blood, the Afghan Hound, has royalty written all over.
Bunker, the French Bulldog, with sidekick Baby Yoda
Bosun, Cinder, Switch, and Willow prove that the most original costumes are the best costumes.
Avon Barksdale, the 3.5-year-old Samoyed is so plush you could put this canine right on the shelf.
Nemo, the Yorkshire Terrier, was made for snuggles, just like your favority ty!
Chloe, the Papillon, is truly down to earth
Renfro, Atheena, Luna, and Bolo Jr., four German Shepherd Dog puppies, are going to be ‘mates’ for life!
Teagan, the Golden Retriever, is working up the nerve to go trick-or-treating.
Thor, Ogie, and Daka, the Norwegian Elkhounds, are bringing your favorite literary characters to life!
Tully, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, says “be nice to the bus driver or no candy!”
Wile. E Coyote, the Australian Cattle Dog, is defying physics on a whole new level.
Winston, Griffin, and Cooper, Glen of Imaal Terriers, welcome you to the circus.
Yub nub says Wolfgang, the Shih Tzu.