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Is Tibetan Mastiff just a bit too large for your taste? And a Chihuahua maybe, well, a little too small? You might find one of these eight breeds to be just right. Learn more about popular medium-sized dogs here:

Bulldog: Gentle and protective, Bulldogs make excellent family pets. They form strong bonds with children and have a loveable disposition. Bulldogs don’t need much grooming and require minimal exercise.


Shetland Sheepdog: The Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie, is an alert, loyal, and highly trainable dog. Shelties are herding dogs that need regular exercise. They tend to excel at agility.

Sheltie in field


Pembroke Welsh Corgi: The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a bold and friendly breed.  They can adapt to a variety of living situations as long as they have regular exercise.

Corgi cute face


English Springer Spaniel: The English Springer Spaniel has an eager-to-please attitude and great endurance. The breed is known to be cheerful and affectionate. They need daily exercise and regular brushing.

english springer spaniel with stick


Cocker Spaniel: Cocker Spaniels are intelligent, gentle dogs that do well as part of a family.  A Sporting breed, they’re active dogs that need regular exercise.

cocker spaniel cute


Brittany: The Brittany is strong, quick, and agile, requiring daily activity. They are happy, alert dogs and have a willing attitude.

Brittany in leaves


Border Collie: Border Collies are known as the workaholic of the dog world. They are extremely intelligent and have a strong work ethic when it comes to herding sheep or ruling the agility ring. Border Collies need a great deal of exercise and a job to do.

border collie running with ball


Whippet: The Whippet is a natural athlete and is very fast, capable of running up to 35 miles per hour. Whippets are quiet and intelligent dogs and love human companionship.

two whippets