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Belgian Sheepdog

Finding the perfect family pet can sometimes be difficult. With so many options, how do you know which is right for you? How about the Belgian Sheepdog? A bright, watchful, serious-minded dog who wants your company as much as you want his. Here are seven reasons why this canine is the ultimate family companion.
1. They’ll always say yes to “Netflix & Chill.” Just being in your presence is enough to satisfy this sociable sheepdog.

2. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to play! This athlete needs daily exercise and loves to show off his ability with a little friendly competition.

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3. They’re cultured, too, and no one can put on a better show. You’ll never be bored with these guys–“entertainer” is their middle name!

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4. They’re great accountability partners, always there to motivate you through life’s little challenges.

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5. Their etiquette is on point. While they may not wait for you to start eating their meal, you’ll never see any paws on the table!

6. They have a great sense of style. Knowing how important the family name is, they dress to impress.

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7. And no matter what, they’ve always got your back.


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