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If you happen to be an animal lover, you've most likely thought about how incredible it would be to get the chance to work with animals on a daily basis. A career as an veterinary technician (also known as an vet nurse) could very well be the job you're looking for. You will have the opportunity to work with animals every day while you help them live healthy, happy, wholesome lives. If you're not convinced, take a look below at five of the best reasons why you should think about becoming a vet tech.

1. You love being around animals

One of the most gratifying parts of being employed as an animal nurse is that you get to be around animals all day. If you truly enjoy being around animals and care greatly about their health and well-being, this is a career that you’ll find very satisfying. Your day-to-day activities will largely be comprised of helping animals reach their optimal level of health, while you also improve their overall quality of life. You’ll have the opportunity to care for animals while they’re at the veterinary clinic and to teach their owners how to care for them more effectively.

2. Vet Techs are in high demand, and the field continues to grow

If you decide to become an animal nurse, you won't have to worry about your job becoming obsolete. In fact, vet techs are in high demand in a large range of organizations and are fortunate to be a part of a thriving industry. Accelerated development in the veterinary and pet industry is expected over the next ten years. Increased education and awareness has caused pet owners to become much more vigilant with their pets’ health.

3. You get to help pet owners, too

Another great part about being an animal nurse is that you get to work closely with the owners. Animal nurses provide essential help on a personal level. You will be an authority for pet owners who are seeking information on nutrition, grooming, medication, and more. In doing so, you’ll be making a huge impact on the way animals are treated, while enabling pet owners to become better educated and more responsible when taking care of their pets.

4. It doesn’t take as long as you think to become a vet tech

Unlike some medical careers, animal nursing does not require you to spend at least four or five years at a university in order to achieve your qualifications. An entry-level position can typically be earned by completing a two-year program. It’s also important to note that there are practical courses you can take in addition to your studies. Some of the courses are very hands-on, allowing you to truly experience what you’ll be encountering on the job.

5. You’ll never experience the same day twice

There are many people who often grumble about their boring jobs that require them to do the same thing every day. As a vet tech, that’s a problem you don't have to worry about. The day-to-day functions of an animal nurse are incredibly diverse. Each and every day is a completely new experience, and you’re very likely to acquire new knowledge by the conclusion of each shift. You can expect to work with an assortment of animal types and breeds, while also carrying out a wide range of duties such as aiding with surgery, capturing X-rays, providing anesthesia, cleaning teeth, gathering test samples, or compiling records.

By choosing to become an animal nurse, you have the advantage of enjoying a career path that is important and worthwhile. It’s a meaningful role that allows you to engage with your furry friends every day. With an exciting and rewarding career like that, you’ll never have to endure a case of the Monday’s again.

Brandon Schroth is an animal lover by nature and is part of the marketing team for Vet & Pet Jobs, a website that focuses on careers with animals.