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Dachshund. Dachsie. Wiener Dog. Whatever you want to call ’em, we know you love ’em. Why? We'll tell you.

Here are five reasons to love the Dachshund:

  1. They’re loyal.

    Need proof of the devotion Dachies have for their people? Take for example Leo, a legendary Serbian dog who saw a 10-year-old girl being attacked by a larger dog. Without hesitation, Leo jumped on the dog, forcing him to release the young girl and turn on him instead. Leo died of his injuries, but a statue was later erected in his honor—making him the first dog in Serbia to be honored with a monument. The statue, which sits in a children’s playground so that a bronze Leo can watch after the young ones playing, reads, “To all the small dogs with big hearts.”

    More recently, another Dachshund was credited with saving two young boys who were attacked by a black bear in Russia. The dog, named Tosya, lured the bear away from the boys and led it into the woods before running back home, unharmed.

    Man photographs a Dachshund


  2. They have a goofy (but lovable) personality.

    Dachshunds are always good sports when it comes to donning the hot dog costume that’s become ubiquitous with the breed. Also, when socialized properly, they’re great with kids, and they love to play ball (don’t expect them to always return it to you, though—they have a mind of their own). Sometimes that silly, loyal personality can even steal the spotlight—their photobombing skills are unparalleled. There was, of course, Louie, the dog who famously blocked his owner’s fiancé out of their engagement photos. But the young couple had better get used to it, if this dog’s cameo in the baby video is any indication of what’s to come.


  3. They're energetic.

    Dachshund means “badger dog” in German, a name that refers to their original job of digging into dens to hunt badgers. They still retain that boundless energy, which can be put to good use in earthdog competitions or field trials. They can compete in agility, too, but the Dachshund Club of America warns owners interested in this sport to take caution with the jumps as they can injure a Dachshund’s back. Of course, your dog could always take a less traditional approach to exercise, like this Dachshund, who expelled his energy by running the bases of a minor league field.

    via YouTube


  4. They’re great adventure buddies.

    Dachshunds' affable personality and high energy makes them game for most any adventure (their small, portable size doesn’t hurt, either). Coming from the hound group, they enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, which lets them indulge their instinctual love for following scents. One Dachsie, Crusoe, is such an adventure junkie (like his namesake Robinson Crusoe) that he scored a book deal detailing all his journeys. The New York Times Bestselling book “Crusoe, The Celebrity Dachshund: Adventures of The Wiener Dog Extraordinaire” is available online, as are videos of him exploring the great outdoors, like the fishing trip shown below.

    via YouTube


  5. They’re adorable.

    All the positive personality traits detailed above are great reasons to love the breed, but it would be a disservice to the Dachsie if we didn't mention their downright adorable appearance. Truly, with this breed, there's something for every taste—they come in more colors, sizes, and coat types than any other AKC-recognized breed. So whether you prefer longhaired, smooth-coated, or wirehaired, like the cute puppies in the video below, you’re sure to be constantly cooing over your short-statured sweetie.



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