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With their massive ears, long bodies, short legs, and herding instincts, Pembroke Welsh Corgis have won over dog owners’ hearts worldwide. Even the late Queen of the United Kingdom couldn’t resist this breed! They’re a positively adorable addition to any household.

Before bringing home a Pembroke, make sure to conduct in-depth research on what it takes to own this pup. After all, any dog is a lifetime commitment. But once your newest family member is home safe and sound, use our list to pick out the perfect name.


One of the Pems’ approved colors is fawn, an appealing blonde hue that is reminiscent of a daisy. The yellow flower is bright, sunny, and engaging: just like a Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s personality!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy running in the grass.
©Grigorita Ko -


Corgis are quick-moving pups, despite their little legs. When herding livestock, they dart across the ground with breathtaking speed and agility—and determination. So Dash might make a great name for your new addition.


One of Wales’ most notable comedic sons is digital DJ and podcaster Elis James. Passionate about his country and its history, James is also a proud standard-bearer for Welsh language learners. Perhaps you and your Pem might enjoy tuning into Elis’ weekly BBC 5 Live radio show with John Robins.


A clever breed, Pembrokes can channel the genius scientist Albert Einstein with this name. Alternatively, dub your pet “Ein” after the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the anime TV series Cowboy Bebop.


In the 1961 movie Blue Hawaii, Elvis Presley plays a former G.I. who heads to Hawaii. In one memorable scene, an adorable Pembroke swims out and fetches a bikini top from the surf. The image of a Pembroke enjoying the crystal-clear ocean is worthy of naming a pup after the movie’s star: the King himself.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy laying down outdoors.
©Yana -


As the breed’s name suggests, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi hails from the county of Pembrokeshire in Wales. One recent remarkable person to emerge from the region was Josephine Reynolds, arguably the UK’s first female firefighter. A trailblazer like this is a great inspiration for your noble dog.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s petite stature presents an appealing contrast to this Latin word, which means “biggest” or “greatest.” Plus, in ancient British mythology, the Western Roman Emperor Maximus (“Macsen Wledig” in Welsh) fell in love with a Welsh princess. Their descendants provide the legendary antecedents to medieval Welsh dynasties.

The corgi dog on the grass in the park
©Chendongshan -


One of the most famous Pembroke owners is bestselling author Stephen King. Jokingly dubbed “the Thing of Evil” on King’s Twitter account, Molly clearly holds the key to King’s heart…just as your own pet will surely trot right into your own heart once you bring them home.


A Pembroke Welsh Corgi will charge into their day with energy and joy, full of charm and adorableness. They’ve got plenty of pep in their (short) step, so perhaps Pep is a possible pet name for your pup.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Pix 'n Pages ©American Kennel Club


Rubies emit a bold, unapologetically bright color: perfect for the talkative Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s assertive personality. Plus, your pup is surely the (ruby-red) apple of your eye!


The first-ever Pembroke the Queen owned herself was named Susan. When Her Majesty went on her honeymoon with Prince Philip, she even brought her pet pup, tucking Susan away beneath a rug in her carriage. The ancestor of many of the Queen’s dogs, Susan would be the perfect name to honor the most famous Pembroke Welsh Corgi owner of them all.


Pems’ small frames and adorable ears suggest a diminutive name that sums up their appeal. Trixie could be a nickname for any number of monikers, and it just exudes pure cuteness and charm: just like the Pembroke Welsh Corgi itself.

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