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Owning a French Bulldog doesn't necessarily require that you become fluent in French, but Frenchies tend to insist that you become dedicated to ensuring their care and comfort.

Here are 10 things every French Bulldog owner quickly learns about the breed:


1. Frenchies can transform their 25-pound body into a 200-pound dead weight at any time while on a leash.


2. Although they have several beds scattered about the house, they prefer to nap on your lap or use your face as a pillow.


3. A stuffed toy has a lifespan of about 13.2 seconds in the clutches of a determined Frenchie.


4. Frenchies prefer the company of other Frenchies.


5. Frenchies firmly believe they can catch a tennis ball tossed to them. They cannot.


6. “Did you hear something?” Frenchies have a reputation for being a bit gassy, but act surprised when they audibly break wind.


7. A Frenchie will tolerate a photo shoot, but there had better be a reward.


8. They will often appear to be contemplating a philosophical question, such as “Does existence have meaning if there are no treats?”


9. They’re too friendly to be guard dogs and would cheerfully watch a burglar leave your apartment with your flat-screen TV.


10. When asleep, a Frenchie snores louder than your grandfather.


Photos by: Jennifer Peltz, who is dedicated to the care and comfort of Simone the French Bulldog.

The Frenchie is #1 in New York City

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