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The Australian Shepherd is described as smart, work-oriented, and exuberant. But there's a lot more to the breed than their intelligence and athleticism, and you have to own one to truly know them. That's why only Australian Shepherd owners will understand these 10 truths:

  1. All toys are mine. If you have the toy, it is mine. If I leave the toy and you take it, it’s still mine.

    Australian Shepherds - Mine

  2. Your house is accessorized—with fur. Australian Shepherds shed twice a year, for six months at a time.

    Australian Shepherd - fur


  3. You cannot run without being “herded” in the correct direction when you own an Aussie.

    Australian Shepherd - run


  4. Every new stuffed animal you bring home must be properly “checked” (unstuffed) for security purposes.

    Australian Shepherd - toy


  5. Aussies are very intelligent and learn by observing (remember that the next time you are digging a hole in the backyard).

    Australian Shepherd - mud

  6. Aussies can tell time and can stare a hole in you when it is time for dinner.

    Australian Shepherd - 6


  7. Their cute little bobtails wag their whole body when they greet you.

    Australian Shepherd - wiggle


  8. Educating people that their blue eyes are part of their character: “No, they are not blind in that eye.”

    Australian Shepherd - eyes

  9. Aussies are very active and agile, and they need something to do to keep them busy.

    Australian Shepherd - Busy Aussies

  10. Aussies are like potato chips, you cannot have just one!

    Australian Shepherd group


Australian Shepherds are exuberant, smart, and hard-working companions. Learn more about the breed here. If you think this breed is right for you, check out the AKC Marketplace for Australian Shepherd puppies.
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