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To tell you the truth, if Wyn, my Welsh Springer, wanted to sleep on my bed, I would let him do it provided he didn’t thrash around keep me awake all night. But, from the time he was with his littermates, Wyn has chosen a quiet place by himself to sleep. He sleeps in his own bed in the corner of the bedroom, and sometimes, he’ll start the night with a nap on the couch.

If you are looking for a dog bed for your pup, here are a few shopping tips:

  • Size is important. Get a bed that is big enough for your dog to lay on his side. Big dogs with long legs do well on rectangular beds.
  • What type of coat does your dog have? If you have a flat coated dog that has a tendency to get cold, you might also be adding blankets (e.g., a small blanket or towel) to your dog’s bed.
  • Older dogs and dogs with arthritis and joint issues can benefit from an orthopedic bed. You can find these online.
  • Consider durability. If your dog likes to turn in circles and scratch the fabric before she lays down, as much as you’d like for her to live like a princess, forget the satin and velvet fabrics.

I took Wyn to the pet store years ago and he chose his own bed. I put several dog beds on the floor in the middle of the aisle and he got into the bed that was his first choice. Of course, it was the most expensive. I took him on a walk around the store, returned to the beds, and put them on the floor again. The pricey one. That was his choice and he was stickin’ to it.

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I don’t know what he was responding to. On three occasions, I’ve been drawn in by pet catalogs and I’ve ordered what I consider to be a very high quality dog bed. Larger than the current bed, thicker, and with a built in pillow around the edges. All three times, Wyn has wanted no part of the new beds.

I realize I could have thrown his old bed away and used operant procedures to convince him he needs a better sleeping experience, but why? The dog is smart enough to make a choice and he prefers the bed he selected all by himself.

Where do your dogs sleep?
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