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Some owners feel that when they leave their puppy or dog alone in a crate or enclosed area it would be best to give him a view outdoors so he will not become bored. Then they place the crate or exercise pen in front of a window or glass door so the dog can see out.  Instead of keeping the dog occupied, this often has the opposite result.

The dog becomes overly stimulated and frustrated by what he sees outside but cannot get to, such as  people, other dogs, and wildlife.  

You can imagine the anxiety created for a dog who loves to chase squirrels watching them scamper just out of reach.  This can lead to unwanted and excessive barking.  It is much better to place the crate or pen in a nice, quiet area of the house without an outside view where the dog can relax and sleep. Don’t forget to leave a safe chew toy – a much better way to keep your dog busy while you are away.

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