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When it comes to houseplants and pets, both can bring a lot of love and light into your life. Unfortunately, the two don’t always mix so well. In fact, some houseplants can be downright deadly for pets. The good news is that many nontoxic houseplants are safe for dogs, and if you choose your houseplants wisely, your dog and your plants can coexist beautifully, says Justin Hancock, garden expert at Costa Farms in Miami.

Here are expert picks on the best nontoxic houseplants for dog owners.


Peperomia plants
This family of easy-growing Peperomia houseplants has been popular for generations because it’s so forgiving, which is perfect for busy pet owners, Hancock says.

“Forget to water them now and again? No worries. Don’t want to fertilize? No problem. And they don’t contain natural compounds that are toxic to animals, so you don’t need to worry if Fido nibbles on a leaf or two.”


With their exotic spikes of brightly colored blooms, Guzmania bromeliad plants look festive. These nonpoisonous plants are easy to grow and stay relatively sturdy, so they’re unlikely to suffer a lot of damage if playful pups knock them over.


Echeveria plants
This trendy Echeveria succulent doesn’t need a lot of water. Nonpoisonous and spineless, they won’t harm the furry members of your household.

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm in a white pot
This “plant of steel” is practically indestructible, so the Ponytail Palm houseplant is a great choice if you need an easy-care plant that’s compatible with your pets. Its thick trunk and grassy leaves give it a festive look that’s perfect for any room in the home.


Catnip plant
Catnip plants are nontoxic, and if you have a cat, they will love its fragrant leaves. Known for its bright green foliage, it can be planted inside or outside. It can also be steeped into a soothing tea for you!

Money Tree

Money Tree
Sadly, money does not actually grow on Money Tree plants. But these beautifully green and sculptural houseplants are safe for pets, and also recommended for people with allergies and asthma.

Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid
The flowers of the Moth Orchid plant look fancy, but they’re actually low-maintenance. They come in an amazing array of colors and can add an elegant touch to any space without putting your dog in danger.

A Note of Caution

Hancock says it’s important to note that just because these plants are nontoxic for pets, it doesn’t mean your pet still can’t have a negative reaction to them.

“Pets can have allergies to plants, just like people can have food allergies, so a nonpoisonous plant could possibly (it’s rare, of course) make a pet sick,” Hancock says. “Likewise, it’s also possible for pets to have bad interactions with fertilizers or other products used on plants.”

So if your green thumb is itching, these nontoxic plants for dog owners are a good place to start. Just remember to watch your dogs around any new plants, and contact your vet if your dog eats any unknown plants in your home or yard.

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