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Cover these six basics in taking care of your puppy, and you can help him stay happy, healthy, and strong.

Proper Nutrition

Your puppy needs a diet that is right for his age level. Premium brands often have higher-quality ingredients, so it might be worth springing for one. Your vet can help you choose the right food. You’ll need to feed younger puppies frequently, as their stomachs are smaller, so they can’t eat much food at a time. And don’t forget to make sure your puppy always has clean, fresh water. Wash out your puppy’s bowl daily with soap and water.



Physical activity is vital for your puppy’s health. Different breeds require different levels of activity, but all breeds require movement! This is particularly important during your puppy’s physical growth and when he’s going through adolescence. Gage your puppy’s needs by trying different activities with him and seeing how he reacts. 



Brushing or combing your puppy helps keep his coat free from snarls and debris and encourages healthy skin. It also gets him used to being handled, lets you two bond, and gives you an opportunity to check out his body for any injuries or changes. So, no matter your puppy’s breed, groom, groom, groom! 


Veterinary Care

A veterinarian can help protect your puppy against diseases and parasites, so it’s important that he make it to his scheduled appointments. And if you notice something potentially wrong, don’t hesitate to call your vet. 



It’s important for your puppy to learn basic manners and commands—it can help you control him, and maybe even save his life. Be sure to make training as fun as possible—maybe you want to try agility classes, or even Frisbee!


Fun Time

Your puppy also needs plenty of play. Not only will he get exercise, it will also give you two more bonding time. Dogs are social and love interacting with others—particularly their owners! Who said that raising a healthy puppy had to be all work and no play?


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