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Does your dog like to chewDog chew toys and dog chew treats keep dogs engaged, and help prevent them from choosing to chew on your shoes or other valuables. A particular favorite of many dog owners (and, more accurately, of dogs themselves) are bully sticks for dogs. So what’s so great about these natural, edible chews?

Why You Might Consider Bully Sticks for Dogs

Bully sticks are a treat, first and foremost, and dogs love treats. They also have health benefits, and are digestible, which not all chews for dogs are. Bully sticks don’t splinter like bones or some other chews can. This means they’re also safe on top of being yummy and keeping your dog busy.

Bully sticks also aren’t chemically treated, they’re an all-natural treat. You don’t have to worry about ingredients, because they are straightforward in bull sticks.

Bully Sticks Can Be Healthy Treats

Are bully sticks healthy for dogs? In fact, bully sticks offer a variety of potential health benefits for your pet. They are digestible, unlike some other chews or treats. The beef hide in rawhide, for example, can be difficult to digest for some dogs. Bully sticks, on the other hand, are highly digestible, which means that they break down easily in your dog’s stomach.

Since bully sticks don’t splinter, you don’t have to worry about broken pieces causing any internal injuries. Bully sticks are a tasty, single-ingredient treat, made from high-protein beef muscle (more specifically, a bull’s penis). Beef muscle is a complete source of amino acids, which support your dog’s muscles, brain, skin, and coat.

If your dog has any food allergies or sensitivities, or allergies to other types of protein, beef bully sticks can be a great option. Quality bully sticks are free from artificial chemicals, additives, and preservatives.

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Bully Sticks For Dental Care

Want to keep your dog’s smile healthy? Bully sticks can help with dog dental care, too! While you should regularly brush your pet’s teeth with a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste, bully sticks can help maintain clean teeth.

Given that inflammation of gums (periodontal disease) is one of the most common diseases in dogs, tough chews are an important part of keeping your dog healthy. Chews, like bully sticks, support healthy teeth and gums. The chewing and gnawing required to get through the treat scrapes away plaque and buildup before it has the chance to stick.

Types of Bully Sticks

Not only can bully sticks be healthy treats for dogs, but more importantly, dogs love them! Dogs of any breed, age, or size can enjoy chewing on a bully stick. They’re even suitable for puppies, as long as your puppy can chew hard food or treats on their own. Bully sticks provide the same high protein and dental health benefits for puppies as they do for adult dogs.

Bully Stick Flavors

Bully sticks come in many different flavors. Whether your dog has a favorite, or likes to have a variety on rotation, there are many to choose from. The classic meat bully stick flavors, like beef, chicken, pork, and buffalo, are good sources of protein.

Other flavors, like peanut butter, herbs and cheese, can be great special treats for your dog that they won’t be able to get enough of. If your dog takes a while to finish a chew, odor-free bully sticks are a great choice.

Bully Stick Sizes

The sizes of bully sticks range, so there are many options for your dog, no matter what breed or how old they are. Bully sticks are sometimes sold as bites, so small bully stick pieces that act more as treats, or in two sizes. Bully sticks are usually 6-inch or 12-inch.

Engaging Bully Sticks

Bully sticks can fit whatever chewing style your dog has, whether they’re an average chewer or a powerful chewer. Bully sticks are available in different thicknesses, sizes, and shapes. Is your dog an intense chewer? Try bully sticks labeled “thick” or braided bully sticks. Need to challenge your dog? Shaped bully sticks, like curly bully sticks, engage your dog as they chew.

Bully sticks are long-lasting, in more than one way. They can last a long time while your dog is chewing them, and they also stay fresh in their packaging for up to three years, so you can stock up when you see a great deal on bulk bully sticks.

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