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Recognized by the AKC in 2021, the Biewer Terrier has been a welcome addition. Standing less than a foot tall and weighing in at four to eight pounds, this dog is a tiny bundle of devotion and charm.

1. “Biewer” is pronounced “beaver.”

First, let’s get the pronunciation right. Biewer is pronounced “beaver,” like the little animal that builds dams. The name comes from the original breeders, Gertrud and Werner Biewer, German breeders of Yorkshire Terriers. And, in spite of being a terrier, the breed belongs to the Toy Group.

2. The first Biewer Terrier was a bit of a surprise.

In 1984, one of the Biewers’ Yorkies gave birth to a gold, blue, and white puppy, according to the Biewer Terrier Club of America. This rare puppy was the very first of what would become an entirely new breed. She possessed a rare recessive piebald gene that is not often found in Yorkshire Terriers, and the Biewers developed a unique breeding program.

3. The breed is known for another “first.”

It wasn’t until 2007 that a Mars Veterinary lab conducted a study to determine if the Biewer Terrier was a type of Yorkshire Terrier or an original breed of its own. Using ten blood samples, the lab determined that this tri-colored dog was indeed purebred. It was the first time that a scientific genetic study was used to determine whether a breed was “purebred,” rather than using the traditional route of pedigree documentation.

4. A Biewer Terrier’s main job in life is to be a companion.

They’re charming and devoted, with a happy-go-lucky spirit that makes them especially endearing. It takes a cold heart indeed to resist the Biewer’s mellow, playful, and easy-going personality.

5. Don’t be fooled by their tiny stature.

Despite their minuscule size, Biewer Terriers are athletic and hearty dogs. They love walks and lots of playtime with their owners. Take your Biewer on hikes, play endless games of hide-and-seek, or even try Agility.

6. Along with their other winning traits, Biewer Terriers are elegant.

Their silky, long coat parts in the middle and flows straight down the body, while their plumed tail arches over their back. The pattern of the Biewer Terrier’s unique tri-color coat of black, tan, and white varies from dog to dog, with no one pattern dominating. And to literally top it off, there’s that signature ponytail.


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